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Russian Cat Breeds — 6 Comments

  1. Michael, given their geographical origin, I wondered if the Japanese know the Kurilian by another name?

    I mention this because I know that on a neighbouring island one dog breed is known as the Sakhalin Husky (Russian) or Karafuto-Ken (Japanese) depending upon which of side of the territorial dispute you were.

    • Good point. I don’t know. It is quite possible. If we went back 1000 years I wonder if the Japanese Bobtail and the Kurilian Bobtail were the same random bred cat. It probably was. It is unusual for a cat to evolve in pure isolation. Just a thought.

    • I remember my sister kept a couple of British SHs and she gave them away (my sister is not great with animals, I regret to say) because they were inbred and had lost their intelligence.

  2. Interesting article Michael. I like the robust and natural look of the Kurilian Bobtail. It may be the way they’re standing, but are their back legs longer than the front ones? (The Cypriots claim that’s a trait of their Aphrodite cat, evolved from living in mountainous areas.)

    I’m sure there are probably a lot more breeds yet to emerge from Russia and there may even be variations on breeds already known to us. I’m especially curious to see what their version of the Russian Blue looks like. The British version is said to be closest in looks to the original Archangel Blue. The American version (as seen in Helmi’s photos) are much lighter in colour and have a more foreign body shape.

    • I agree that the Russian, Russian Blue is less slender. More normal. It is a random bred cat turned into a purebred. Yes, the Kurilian is a bit rabbit-like. You have made me think about investigating the Russian, Russian Blue. I don’t have a photo. The Russian British Blue is completely different to the American version. They have big cheeks like hamsters. Very odd. A Russian version of extreme breeding:


      I have always thought that the Helmi Russian Blue photos are of a cat that looks a bit inbred. The cat looks a bit stupid to me. I hate to say that.

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