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Russian Community Cat Saves Abandoned Baby. True or False? — 4 Comments

  1. Anyone who has cared for a cat learns to recognise their different meows and from my own experience, it’s obvious when it’s a distress call. The lady living in the flat obviously knows Masha well enough to know that something was not right and that she was seeking urgent attention. To me that suggests that Masha was trying to raise the alarm.

    Whilst that doesn’t necessarily mean Masha was trying to “save” the baby, I do think she recognised that something was not right. Cats have better intuition and senses than us. They can often tell when women are in the early stages of pregnancy or owners are about to slip into a diabetic coma. I worked with a lady whose cat suddenly began sniffing around her breast/armpit area and then hissing or attempting to gently bite. Tests revealed she had breast cancer and urgently required a mastectomy. She told me even after the consultant gave her the all clear, she didn’t believe it until it was “confirmed” by her cat behaving normally towards her again.

    Maybe Masha could sense the baby’s dropping body temperature or something about their scent was off?

    Whatever the reason, she’s not the first cat whose actions resulted in the life of an abandoned baby being saved. In 2006, a stray cat in Cologne, Germany raised the alarm when he came across a a baby abandoned outside in freezing temperatures. He too meowed so loudly that a householder came outside to investigate what all the fuss was about.

    I’m happy if people believe that Misha’s behaviour was purely altruistic. It’s another nail in the coffin of that old wives tale about it being dangerous to have cats around babies.

    • Whilst that doesn’t necessarily mean Masha was trying to “save” the baby, I do think she recognised that something was not right..

      Your comment, Michele, is very sensible and strikes a nice middle ground that fits in well with a cat’s natural behavior. I struggle with the online media interpretation that a cat saved a human life. I don’t believe cats quite think that way in relation to people although mother cats do extraordinary things to protect and save the lives of their kittens.

      It would be nice (and it is possible) to believe that Masha was concerned for the health of the baby and called out for human help as she was unable to do much herself. That does require a lot of human-like thought processes.

      Perhaps Masha related to the baby as one of her kittens and sought help from a another cat (one of the residents of the block). I believe cats see us as cats – cats who provide. I’d love to understand this behavior better.

  2. The fact Masha cried out to get someone’s attention tells me she was there to help.She sensed something wrong.Masha did a good job.

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