Russian Instagram model twins say that homeless cats may be nicer than homeless people

A couple of twin Russian models, Adelya and Alina Fatkheev, 24, who think they are the bee’s knees of Influencers on Instagram said:

“Every day we see people in the street who need help. After all, are we all within our power to pay attention to them? Do not pass by…Yes, homeless cats may be nicer, but people also need our help, support. And we care!”

Russian model twins feed homeless man
Russian model twins feed homeless man. Photos: Instagram.
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They were playing at being caring people in a staged video in which they walk down the street in matching designer high fashion and met a homeless man in a wheelchair. The video was made as part of a competition with the theme “We Care”.

They turn to each other and both say:

“Poor thing, he probably hasn’t eaten for a long time.”

They order some food for the man on their cell phones and unbelievably quickly a delivery of sushi turns up which they feed to the homeless many using chopsticks.


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🤦🏻‍♂️ Посмотрите на этот социальный рекламный ролик из Казани, в котором «идеален» каждый кадр☺️ . Близняшки инстаблогерши видят на улице бездомного, заказывают ему роллы, а после кормят его с рук. Вообще это все ради конкурса, где в призах — iPhone XR, Apple Watch и PlayStation. Претендентам нужно снять видеоролик не длиннее минуты, «где видно, что вам „не всё равно“». . Автор📽: @adelalinka_life ❤️

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Although pretty well everything about them is fake, the homeless man is genuine. He’s been homeless for 28 years and his name is Yuri Zasorin. He has a wheelchair because he got severe frostbite in 2013 presumably from sleeping rough. He used to work in the contruction business.

The pseudo-glamorous twins thought they were doing something good but missed the patronising way they intervened in this man’s life and then insensitively made a comparison between homeless cats and homeless people.

It looks like a desperate attempt to make a video which promotes them. It was made in Russia and the sound track is in Russian. The video can’t be embedded here. It another example of the modern fake world of celebrity that many people aspire to.

Homeless Russian man
Homeless Russian man is thankful for the food.

However, there is an upside. This guy got feed and he is grateful. We should be grateful for that. I guess we can’t be overly critical of the twins. I have a strong feeling that he is a very nice man. Perhaps too nice for this world.

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