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Russian theatre company paints a cat pink for three years and say it’s okay — 3 Comments

  1. Or you could be psychotically driving yourselves stupid by a simple translation error between “painting” and “dying”.

    Ask that once-auburn haired friend of yours if their new red-head mop on their heads feels or is in any way different than their original hair color or is killing them from touching it. Or if a feather-boa that was once white but now a bright pink is in any way toxic or different from its original color.

    I think we need more fake animal-abuse stories over which you can drive yourselves even more psychotically stupid. If that’s even possible anymore — for you to become even more stupid than you ALL already are.

    p.s. Say “HI!” to your animal-abusing and animal-exploiting “Irish” for me! You know, since you still allow her to post to your site without restraint and you value her participation so much that her presence even drags you into the amoral gutter right along with her. Has she stopped torturing cats to death and begging for donations to help them? Or threatening to kill them if nobody pays for the vet-bills they now require from her animal-neglect? That’d be nice. But people don’t change unless forced to.

    • Whoever you are you are talking absolute rubbish. You know and I know it. When a woman changes her hair colour it is completely different to painting a cat all over pink or any other colour. You know that. Please try and show some intelligence and try not to waste our time. You say it is fake news as well do you? Well prove to me that it is fake news. Your comment is ludicrous, you are ludicrous and you are probably the notorious troll Woody or some other person like him. Just go away and try and switch on your brain.

  2. All circus animal acts are abuse and cruelty and should be banned. Forwarding to PETA to rescue this poor soul. Hope he bites her face off.

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