Rusty-spotted Cat Range

The range (distribution) of this very small wild cat is mapped out below. This is an emebedded map. The original is a Google “My Maps”, which I have left open to the public. It is also open to collaboration by people who are able and willing. Wild cat ranges are invariably a little hazy because surprisingly not a great deal is known about some of the rarer small wildcats in the wild and even the big cats for that matter. Also the range is constantly shifting due mainly to human activity.

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It would seem that this cat’s range is expanding. Does that mean more cats? No. The book, Wild Cats Of The World (published 2002) shows a range that is considerably smaller than the one above.

The one above is accurately based on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ (Red List) (current – 2009). And the smaller range referred to in the book, was bigger than the one before. The authors refer to the belief that the rusty-spotted cat range was confined to Sri Lanka, southern India and a pocket extending 110 kilometres north of Mumbai. Sightings over the years of the rusty spotted cat include:

Sighting Date Location
Rusty-spotted cat “collected” 1975 Nr. Udhampur – see blue marker in the Kasmir region. This is outside the current range.
Sighting 1975? Dangs Forest in Gujarat – see flag on map (north west India)
Sightings 1989-90 Seen in GIR Wildlife Sanctuary and Wildlife Park. This is a famous park where the Asian cheetah can be found too (the only place where the Asian cheetah can be found) – see map (blue flag)
Sighting 1995 Road kill – one survived – Madhya Pradesh (see map)

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Sources: Red List and Wild Cats Of The World.

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