Ruth’s podcast: letting her cat, Monty, be himself

Monty's World
Monty’s World. Photos: Ruth.
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Ruth describes how she enjoys interacting with her cat, Monty, and letting him be himself and make his own decisions. She learned to get used to Monty being Monty. It is about people fitting in with their cat’s behavior. She also talks about the responsibilities of caring for a cat companion. Ruth enjoys accomodating Monty’s typical feline behaviour and notes the difference between caring for a cat and an inanimate object. Ruth also likes to keep an eye on Monty when he is outside in the backyard in the daytime and does not like to let him out at night because she is concerned about Monty’s welfare. She learned this from her experiences with her previous cat. You can hear Monty’s meowing in the background. He’s making a demand why Ruth creates her podcast.

The Podcast

Please click the play button. It lasts about 20 minutes.

Ruth’s Podcast – My cat ‘Monty’ was meant to be with me

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