This is the saddest face on a cat that I have ever seen and I have seen many thousands of cats. That is not to say that tabby cat Luhu is actually sad! It is all an illusion. Humans are good at that. Some people have faces that look sad and when they are persistently asked, “why are you so sad?” or “cheer up” they get a bit miffed (peeved) because they aren’t sad. It is all about anatomy and it so happens that Lulu’s family (Barher and Bardie) all look slightly sad or very sad! She may be an American Shorthair but we are not told that.

Sad Cat Luhu

Sad Cat Luhu

Sad Cat Luhu

Sad Cat Luhu and Barher and Bardie

The photos are from Instagram. Luhu does not look like a purebred cat to me but the coat is silver tabby and you don’t see that on random bred cats. So Luhu may be a American Shorthair as she has some characteristics of that breed – see a classic American Shorthair in America at a cat show below:

American Shorthair. Photo copyright Helmi Flick

The title was not my choice. It is all about SEO. The title should be “The Saddest Looking Cat I Have Seen”.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Sorry for the late reply.
    Just relying on general information I have researched over the years about the relation between cats health and problems which can also happen with human infants when the mother is a type 2 diabetic.

  • Alan, I could deal with that face. I'd probably slip Luhu some catnip and see how she reacts to it.

  • Would having such a cat have an effect on you? I mean looking at that face all the time wouldn't it "bring you down"? Even though you know the cat is not really sad.

  • Aww, Luhu! That second photo reminds me of the way my boy Bandit would look when he'd con my mother or my brother into feeding him again in the morning after I left for work: "That woman didn't give me enough to eat. Please, I'm starving!" That usually worked.

    And this: Ringo Starr told an American reporter in the 60's who asked him why he always looked so sad: "It's just me face."

  • The shape of the eyes is how we're detecting sadness. My ex husband has eyelids that kind of droop on the outer edges, so he looks sad. Also the heavy lids create a sad look. Some research into sad human faces may provide some clues.

  • More about Luhu.The worst case scenario is that >

    She could have a vision problem and her eyes are runny which might mean blocked tear ducts and this is indicative of the term retinopathy. Kittens born of a diabetic mother exhibit these symptoms along with their prematurity and have respiratory ailments at birth and heart defects ; such as a hole in the heart.Of course this may not relate to Luhu at all.

    • Wow. Have you learnt on other sites that she might be ill or are you relying on knowledge about cats with this sort of face possibly having genetic illnesses.

  • Monty is the saddest cat in the world right now. We've been gone for three days delivering fireworks to small towns up north as part of our summer job for a fireworks display company. My sister is looking after him. She said he misses us. We will be home to him soon. Elisa said I should film his reaction when we get home.

    I think Tom Cox's cat The Bear, of My Sad Cat fame, looks sadder than the cats pictured above. There is something in The Bear's eyes that makes you think he really is quite sad, as if he is really asking, "Can you tell me why I am a cat please?"

    Monty will be asking, "Can you tell me why you abandoned me, please?"

    • Hi Ruth. Nice to hear from you. I'll check out The Bear. It does not surprise me one bit that Monty misses you. You love him a lot and that has an impact on the relationship. When a cat is loved he misses us badly when we are away.

      • Monty was quite nonchalant when we returned home, acting as if he didn't miss us at all. But last night he kept coming up on our bed looking for snuggles. We both would wake up and pet him for awhile, so our sleep was badly interrupted.

        The Bear has a Facebook page. Each post is "My cat is sad because..." with some silly nonsense that seems to fit the picture. I did a book review on a book about The Bear (and other cats) called "The Good, The Bad and The Furry" for PoC late in 2013, I believe. The Bear's picture is on the cover.

        • Thanks for reminding me of the book review. I remember now. Monty is a very well balanced cat. He has an excellent character. He manages his emotions well ;) . I know he missed you badly.

          • Last night Monty slept on our bed all night-- on top of the bed instead of under it. He has never spent the whole night on top of our bed before. He chose to sleep right in the middle of my side of the bed so that I had to contort my body around him to accommodate him. Of course this made me even more stiff and sore today. We had come back late from loading fireworks equipment trucks at the bunker in preparation for upcoming shows. I told Jeff that having to sleep around Monty didn't help my stiff hips and low back and Jeff said, "You didn't have to try to sleep around him. You could have moved him." It never occurred to me to move Monty.

  • Luhu looks like a scottish fold/tabby mix minus the cute ear flaps.
    I hope she is spoiled rotten *Eva

    • Yeh....neat description but the coat which is silver tabby is the classic and favorite American SH coat. I can't find info about her breed if she is purebred.

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