Sadie a Turkish Van cat loses leg in Syrian war and gets a prosthetic one in Turkey

The video says it all really but I’ll add some words.

First up; Sadie looks like a Turkish Van, she really does. She was injured like so many humans in the ghastly Syrian conflict. Her left hind leg was hit by shrapnel. It withered and had to be amputated.

How did a cat get to Istanbul to be operated on? This is an amazing story really because there are few animals who have been treated in such a kindly and generous way. Think of the thousands of pets who have died through injury and starvation in Syria. Sadie made it and it seems we have to thank an international animal rescue organisation called He’Art of Rescue. They are based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sadie's dead leg
Sadie’s dead leg
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He’Art of Rescue found Sadie and brought her to their veterinary clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey is on the northern border of Syria. It is just great that a cat is being treated like a person!

The war in Syria
The war in Syria

When you see her in the video see seems very well behaved in a strange place with a new leg. She twitches her back a bit and swishes her tail which tells me she was unsure of things and a bit anxious but that is to be expected.

Great job He’Art of Rescue. Nice work veterinarians.

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