Safari Cat Picture and Info in Brief

safari cat

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The photo is copyright protected. It is by Helmi Flick. For much more on this rare cat please go here.

I really love the look of this F1 female Safari Cat. She has a great intensity in her gaze. This I believe comes from her close relationship with the Geoffroy’s Cat her wild parent. She comes from the Marechal Cattery.

All wild cats and F1 hybrids (and indeed until you get to 4 generations from the wild cat) are more assertive and in charge.

It may be difficult to integrate an F1 into a household where there are other domestic cats. This is because the wild cat hybrid will try and take charge (Alpha male/female mentality).

This may upset the equilibrium in the household and will almost certainly upset the domestic cats.

It may also turn your domestic cats away from you as they will see you as the boss. Why is the boss no longer the boss?

However, the F1 Safari cats apparently have very nice characters.



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