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safari cat

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The photo is copyright Helmi Flick. Please respect it.

This cat’s face completely intrigues me. Look at the intensity with which this cat looks at the camera. Her name is Xspotica. At the time of the photograph she was a year old weighing 15.4 lbs.The breeder is Marechal Safari Cats. She is an F1 Safari Cat – a rare cat (see rare cat breeds). Being a hybrid of the wild Geoffrey Cat and a domestic cat, she has inherited some of the skills of the wild cat, one of which is a heightened alertness as shown in this photograph.

Xspotica also shows shyness and perhaps a little distrust is being shown as well. However, she couldn’t have been in more friendly hands than those of Helmi and Ken Flick.  Helmi says, “she is a shy one”. She is one generation removed from the wild cat. I think that you can see that in her demeanor and penetrating gaze. Safari cats are active. The same can be said for the wild/domestic hybrids (Savannah, Bengal, Chausie).


  • Photo copyright Helmi Flick

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