Safari Cat 3

Safari Cat 3 (third linked page). The Safari cat can be breed in a range of coat colors and patterns. For example, when the Geoffroy’s cat is crossed with a Tortie Shorthair you will get black spotted, red spotted and tortie spotted coats. The name “Safari” is obviously designed to conjure up images of wild exotic animals but for me it lacks imagination. It also means that when describing this cat you need to mention that she is a cat as the word “safari” usually means “an overland journey by hunters” in Africa.

The name of this Safari cat is Xspotica. As mentioned she is a F1 generation (one removed from wild). Her grey background colour indicates to me that her parent wild cat may have came from the southern areas of South America. Xspotica comes from the Marechal Cattery Sheryl who runs the cattery says that the gray background color comes from the Geffroy’s Cat. But some of the F1 offspring do not inherit this trait. Some Safari cats are brown and some are the “cool tone” as in this picture.

safari cat

Please respect the image copyright of Helmi Flick who took the photo.

Photograph of Safari Cat – copyright Helmi Flick


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