Sage the Cat: private investigator and police agree on suspect. Should they arrest and name him?

In a public announcement on Facebook, private investigator Jason Jensen tells us that he has a theory on who tortured Sage the Cat. The police agree with his theory. They agree on the person who probably committed this crime. He has a recent and past history of violence. I’d bet my bottom dollar that this person is a man and that he is well known to the former caretakers of Sage the Cat. In other words the pool of suspects is small.

Being a follower of this case and being one of the many people who want to see justice done, I accept Mr Jensen’s assessment. I am pleased that he is on the case. I do question some of the points that he makes, however.

He says that it is impossible for him to accept that a family member would torture the family cat. It would be contrary to the bonds of affection, he says, between cat and cat owner.

I’m afraid to say that that is an incorrect assessment. There are many cases of family members hurting their cat. This is because sometimes one member of the family wants to get at another and they do it by hurting the family cat. There are many family disputes and sometimes the cat is in the middle of them and gets hurt in the process. Cats can be inncocent victims of intra-family disputes.

Secondly, not every caretaker loves and has a strong bond with their cat. Very far from it, in fact. There are many cat owners who are miserably deficient in their obligation to care for their cat.

Thirdly, in families, quite often there is one person who is more in favour of keeping a cat than the other family members. That person may dictate his or her terms upon the family to adopt a cat against the wishes of other family members. This can create tensions. One member of the family may hurt the cat or ill-treat the cat simply because he/she does not like cats. It is not axiomatic that in a family home all family members love the family cat.

Also, Jason Jensen stated that there are three motivations to kill: love, greed and revenge. He knows better than me but we’re talking about a family cat. There are more reasons than the three stated to kill a cat. One of them, as mentioned above, is to emotionally hurt the cat’s owner. Another is because a family member simply hates cats. Another is because the person might be frightened of cats. A further reason is because an intoxicated family member wishes to express his anger about an unrelated matter through violence towards the family cat.

I would also like to question whether it is possible to disclose the suspect’s name at this stage. The intention is to keep the investigation quiet and not to disclose anything about what is going on. The organisers of the Facebook page Justice for Sage are happy that Mr Jensen is working quietly behind the scenes. They are probably correct but I’d like to question that objective.

Firstly, there is an international interest in this case and its outcome. The investigator has a duty, I think, towards the public and towards those people commissioning him to disclose what he can when he can in their interests provided it does not undermine the investigation.

Judging by Mr Jensen’s words it would seem to me that there is enough evidence to have reasonable grounds to suspect that the unnamed person committed the crime. Therefore he could be arrested. When arrested he could be named. In naming a suspect you prevent further crime by the suspect or are likely to. Therefore this unnamed violent man would be prevented from potentially hurting somebody or another animal.

It would also allow the police to interrogate the suspect which may throw up some information. Thirdly it would force the hand of the suspect. It would kick up some dust and create a little bit of chaos which may unearth further information against him. Others may come forward with vital evidence which is sorely needed.

There are certain advantages to keeping quiet and in not disclosing information about a police investigation but there are also advantages in opening up the investigation to the public. I would suggest that at this stage in the investigation when the police have already more or less washed their hands of it due to lack of evidence that being transparent about the investigation would be a reasonable way to proceed. It may shake things up to progress the matter. I don’t see disclosure being detrimental to the outcome.

Finally, it is nice to know that they have a firm suspect. I will presume that the police had already had this person in their sights from an early stage. My guess is that Mr Jensen has confirmed what they had already thought. It is and has always been about evidence. Can they get enough of it to successfully prosecute? Have the police lost evidence?

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17 thoughts on “Sage the Cat: private investigator and police agree on suspect. Should they arrest and name him?”

  1. SAGE Investigation Update: Today I conducted a walk-thru of the Gomez home where Sage was found injured before he died. I’d like to express my gratitude to the Gomez family for allowing me into their home and for speaking with me about this tragic ordeal.

    who is this guy? watch this video… says sage was found in the front yard.

    then her other account, he was in a different part of the house etc from the deleted resurfaced post.

    and now back to where he is found in the home.. how did he get inside the house now.. Let see, he somehow got home… which was physically impossible since his brain had shut down, etc.. He was brain dead from having his head slammed into a wall etc.

    do you believe where all of this is going?

  2. did you see this post

    ‎Jason Jensen‎ to Justice For Sage
    Yesterday at 1:50pm ·

    SAGE INVESTIGATION: Just spoke to Todd Tanner, Special Projects Producer for KSTU Fox 13 News concerning Sage’s case. We hope to run a story about lessons learned from the Sage case, including possibly clearing the family members image following all the false accusations rendered against them. #JusticeForSage

  3. cynical…or perhaps honest. more and more people writing in this forum are questioning everything.

    Hell, they cant even catch those responsible for killing Sage. Cynical… still wondering about all the money donated for finding his killers and the humane society must be fondling all the money they got and having no one to answer to.

    Do you ever get the feeling that they don’t care about who killed a little defenseless animal. Do you ever get the feeling, that they don’t care about anything except what benefits them. Yep, when it comes to shame, they don’t care because Sages life means nothing to the lot of them. Well Sage meant something to me. My only regret is that I didn’t have super powers to be able to save him.

    I am very glad, I didn’t contribute to the pi fund. Cynical… aka name recognition. and what will he accomplish….ask those who paid into his fund if they got their moneys worth.

  4. stayed tuned for more lip service. We are not allowed to know anything. I guess the big question now is this, Why..

    More and more people share the idea of someone in the household.. I tried to look up Alex Gomez Sr. I found an elderly obituary for a Gomez in Clearfield that listed alex as his son.

    You know the case just gets stranger.. So many accounts of the date sage disappeared.. (which I don’t believe he ever disappeared) her bs stories in the beginning including what she told inside edition.

    It only goes to show you, what the mentality and attitude is of the authorities in Clearfield ut. Makes you believe, they don’t care. and then this PI guy who must make up crap to post.

    The earing was never discussed. just who would own a pink earning.. Oh I know, the man living in the house. I believe in karma and no one escapes karma.

    1. Cynical! I am too. Very. I don’t really trust this PI as the Justice for Sage on Facebook do. I think he is doing it for self-promotion, for the publicity. But that is just me being cynical.

  5. I did talk to an animal communicator in the beginning and she did talk with me. She told me a few things, but said it was evil. She asked me if I noticed how her fingernails were painted. I did notice and said so. She said it might be a fad, but it was evil.. She told me it was him and her. They were in on it. She asked me did you notice the fake tears.. I said when she pretended to be crying. She said there were no tears. I looked at her police record. She put down she was a model and actress.

    Well, I guess she has her names in light now. I believe that Sages murder was some kind of evil sacrifice. It was a ritual of sorts. I have cats, and I know they would do everything in their power to get away including scratching.. However, he was slammed into a wall in that house and the rest is history. My source who is a vet in the Clearfield Utah stated, agreed with me and that explains the black nose and swollen eyes. She said he was brain dead and felt nothing that they did to him after that. She said his body would have involuntary movements but meant nothing. Had he lived???? the animal communicator said it was a blessing he died and the angels came for him. I still cry and ask why. I ask why the cops do nothing. I ask why the pi makes such stupid comments. He doesn’t know anything about cats. And is he so naïve that he doesn’t believe owners can be abusers. I will never forget Sage. And what all of them want all of us to do is stop writing and are hoping we will all go away.

    I am with the communicator on motive… evil sick ritual of sacrifice. I am not on FB so I don’t know if she is still posting or not. But I do remember all the different accounts she posted. And I have stated over and over, there is a yellow tabby cat shown with sage in one picture. The second cat that was tortured and found was a yellow tabby. She said they had other animals in the house in the beginning. They were going to keep them in. So the second cat shows up and is listed as a stray. Doubt it..

    1. I never understood much about the pink earring. That has to mean something as well. I’m sorry I’ve come into this horrific act of evil late. But I so want who ever did this to pay!! I thought I read that they thought that was done prior to the murder of Sage. To me that should mean someone in the house did this. Which is abuse as well.

  6. Karen:

    Get your facts straight please!

    1) Sage’s owners China, as well as her boyfriend Alex, know exactly who did this as supported in HER OWN Facebook post. stating exactly that, ironically since deleted but still available thanks to extensive sharing

    2) She will not cooperate with the police by serving as a witness….more importantly she has to press charges as due to the minimal animal cruelty laws in Utah…the only cause of action is destruction of property….and the owner must press charges for action to be taken…SHE REFUSES!!

    IF she pressed charges the case could/would go forward immediately!

    3) So with all due respect, spare us your nauseating assumption they loved this cat; while clearly it was a pet, and cared for. It certainly was not loved!!! And they are not grief stricken! They have complete control to assure justice for the unimaginable suffering this cat endured in its own home…..the unimaginable acts that were performed…and they are choosing to do nothing (I could care less what the reason might be…because in my mind there isn’t one good enough)

    Even if one of my children did this type of horrific crime….I would be first in line to make sure they were prosecuted

    Love? Grief? I cannot believe you could be that foolish

    4) Finally there is no police work being done “we should allow the police to do their job”) The case is officially inactive! (which is why the PI offered to get involved in the first place)

    Bottom Line: China and Alex alone decide if precious little Sage gets justice for the absolutely unimaginable suffering he endured….and they have decided the answer is no….so spare us all who know the facts from any further empathy posts

    And never forget the lies they told in the critical first hours of the investigation….and that FB pics and posts were made by China of this nearly dead, clearly heinously abused, suffering cat BEFORE he was taken to a vet!!! Yeah sure….that’s love….

  7. Sage’s murderer needs to be named at the appropriate time (sooner than later). Any scared witness, please lose the fear and speak up! Demand protection from law enforcement. Get some real evidence to them. full prosecution needs to happen. The current laws may actually be too light for what he/she did.

    Of course in addition an enforced lifetime animal ban, and name in international abuser registry. If that doesn’t currently exist, start one.

  8. I am tired of the lip service. Michael, you did a great summing everything up. I think that Jensen tends to talk in glittery generalities and I like that you show that there are exceptions to premises.

    I cant believe that those who did this appear to be smarter than all of davis county etal .. It begs the questions, what if a human was killed the same way sage was… than what… what if this had been someone in the household.

  9. I wish I had the answer to what would force the confession or the undeniable testimony of the witness in the home. There are those of us watching this from the beginning who knew it was someone within the home or family. When there is such a large reward for information leading to arrest and no one comes forward you can conclude that the person acted totally alone without any knowledge or disclosure to another person, that someone isn’t coming forward out of protection of the perp, or that the person who committed the crime is dead. Well, from process of elimination But I question why the witness to this crime wants to protect the perp. I is out of fear? Lack of compassion for a living being who suffered such torture? I think the name of the person should be released by all who know this name. We certainly name suspects in murder cases of people. Why not name the suspect(s) in the murder of another life?

  10. Sometimes information is withheld to protect witnesses not the suspect. I have little doubt they know who is responsible. Knowing and proving are two different animals. I am more interested in seeing this case brought before a judge than I am having my curiosity satisfied.

    1. Yes! They just have to catch him. It would so great if they did. If they don’t it would be so bad. Thanks Michelle.

  11. Thank you for stating facts about animal abusers, not some faulty logic that Sage’s family could not possibly have done this. And yes enough already, announcements are great if it can be backed up by an arrest.

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