Sage the cat torture case: what the public can do to keep the investigation going

Almost 2 months ago, Animal Care and Control and Clearfield City Police Department stated in a letter that they had exhausted all potential leads relating to this case. They also stated that the case was not currently active at that time but could be reopened.

They said that their silence was not indicative of an end to the case and they requested information from the public that might assist in resolving it.

The concerned public, I’m sure, are upset that the perpetrator has not been caught and that the investigation is dormant, fizzling out with apparent little likelihood of making further progress.

The investigators want the public to help. However, in a further document from them (see above) they are very guarded in their disclosure with respect to their investigation. In short, they don’t tell us what information they have gathered which falls short of sufficient evidence to prosecute the perpetrator of the crime. At this stage they need to be fully transparent as there is nothing to lose. Suspicious minded people might feel that the police are hiding behind non-disclosure to protect themselves from defeciencies in their investigation.

If the public don’t know the extent of the information that the police have it is difficult to provide them with “additional information”. The public needs to know the existing information before they can add to it.

It seems certain that the criminal being sought by the authorities is someone who was inside the home where Sage was living at the time and where he was tortured to death. Therefore the pool of suspects is very small. The public would like to know whether the investigation dealt with all those living inside the property at the time and most particularly the boyfriend of the primary complainant, cat’s owner China Cassel.

It seems to me that China is the key to providing evidence and that a primary suspect is her boyfriend Alex. How much of the investigation focused on that couple? Has DNA been obtained from the room where Sage was tortured? Was there any human DNA on Sage? Please remind me: have Sage’s remains been cremated? If the public knew the answer to these questions they would then be in a better place to make further suggestions and potentially provide new evidence.

Man living with cat’s owner in family home tortured Sage the cat

Some followers of this high profile and disturbing case of animal abuse would suggest that the Clearfield Police Department and Animal Control need to be pushed a little bit in order to extend their investigation. They can be pushed. As I understand it, the public can make a formal complaint using a form which can be seen by clicking on the link below. Please try and find 20 minutes in your daily life to complete and post the form. You may be able to convert it to PDF and email it as an attachment.

Utah Attorney General Complaint Form

If the police and Animal Control are now reliant upon the public then I would suggest that the public currently do one thing and that is to complain, politely. The complaint form contains boxes where additional information can be added.

All the evidence that the police require is contained in the minds of those present in the home at the time of Sage’s torture. They are keeping quiet. Perhaps somebody else may know something, something which may seem irrelevant, which may progress the investigation. Progress is desperately needed in the interests of justice for Sage and to satisfy the public.

Historically, the public is starved of enough success in the prosecution of animal abuse cases. A marker need to be put down in the form of a successful prosecution against an animal abuser. The public demands it.

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13 thoughts on “Sage the cat torture case: what the public can do to keep the investigation going”

  1. this didn’t surprise me. I thought Jensen was a pi.. I didn’t know he was an expert in human behavior.. wasn’t aware that he had degrees in human behavior.

    so all of this was wrapped up in three days.. so what about the deleted post from her that resurfaced. So what about all the different accounts she stated. the statement below is from Jensen. I am glad I didn’t contribute to his fee.

    We’ve concluded our background investigations and have ruled out the possibility that anyone inside Sage’s home was responsible for his death. None of them have the violent history that would be consistent with the monster who tortured this feline. The person that did this was extremely angry and wanted to send a message to someone living there. Now to the next stage, we will be scheduling a meeting with Clearfield police investigators.”

  2. thanks for the link. getting the word out is so important and educating the public is even more important. Where is the media.. nothing ….. silence.. well its amazing when a group of people raise their voices..

    I especially became quite enlightened about the humane society after reading those links etc. and I have began spreading the word. so now we know that they have a vested interested in the reward money.

    davis county, I really don’t care to make much comment about them. Its only a cat huh? not to me and not to many 1000’s of people leaving replies and writing wherever they can.

    personally, Michael, thank you for running this site. I am not on FB, but very much appreciate having a place to come to and finding support, love and comfort. Thank you for allowing us all to be able to speak our mind.

  3. small town mentality. that’s how it works. I hope that they get back what they have put out…all of them..

    in all the posts and articles, she said she was the owner and then denied it. Between davis and the humane society, I have no respect for any of them. You are right Michael about this entire case. Now we have a media void of reporting anything else.

    I was told countless times by so many that guy who heads up the humane society was a good guy. LOL… what did he do. I read somewhere that the humane society will keep the money. Its nothing but blood money and maybe they could split it up with those other two.

    and I still maintain its absurd to give a polygraph test, when it cant even be admitted in court. And she says they were being taunted. I don’t believe any of them. Now they just want all of us to dummy up and stop writing.

    I live in Utah… I got to move away years ago.. Then we got transferred back. I didn’t realize I was moving into a haven for animal abusers.

      1. I happened to see on facebook that Jensen pi is going to be investigating this horrible act. they are raising money for the fee.. I am not a member of face book, but I am sure I can call them and donate some money too.

        justice for sage is forthcoming.

  4. there are too many things that have been published that make no sense. China told us that Sage somehow got home and through the doggie door before collapsing. Then she told inside addition that he was found in the front yard. Then the post, that they were in another room…

    I am with you about both of them. She said they had other animals in the house that they werent going to let out. Then another cats shows up tortured. I recently learned this cat’s injuries have healed up. He is in a loving home. How was it that this cat got away.

    I believe that sage was slammed into a wall and the rest is history. And I find it disturbing how the media along with the local govt has skirted all of this. I keep thinking, why would anyone take a poly test, knowing its not admitted in a court of law. Very good point about who was living in that house. We know for sure those two were. And we know that according to her, her sister found sage.

    kind of wonder if they checked the claws of the second cat for human skin etc or other places he was touched. I learned that those two moved to Wyoming. I believe she will continue to check face book to see what people are writing esp about her and him.
    now what will happen to the reward money.

    1. You can kiss the reward money good-bye. The same thing happened to it as any donations taken for ANY rewards to find animal-abusers. The, what was it, $67,000.00?, goes into the pockets and banks of those who exploit injured animals on the internet for donations. Just like the “Humane Society of Utah” is doing. It’s the very same reason that HSUS, “Humane Society of the US”, was fined nearly $16 million in 2012 for being in direct violation of the RICO anti-racketeering act for exploiting suffering animals in the media for donations and doing nothing with the money but depositing it for their own use and, of courses, paying for more advertising pleading for more donations.

    2. As usual, I do not have sufficient faith in the police investigation. I don’t think the police have done enough and have closed the case it seems to me too early and not put enough pressure on the two primary suspects, China and Alex. Perhaps I am being cynical. Perhaps I lack faith in the police anyway but this is a case where the pool of suspects is quite narrow and where all the evidence is within the house and it seems to me that they did not collect enough evidence and were not rigourous enough.

  5. STILL PRAYING FOR JUSTICE FOR SAGE YOU NEVER WILL BE FORGOTTEN…!!!It is time that the Utah’s Police improve their reputation.At MIAMI BEACH THE SECRET SERVICE did JUSTICE IN STRUSHIE the cat case…very Good job was done…..!!!!They found guilty persons and did trail. Utah’s Police NEED TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE TRUE, HONOR YOUR SERVICE AND DO JUSTICE FOR SAGE… THE TIME IS NOW…..!!!!!

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