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  1. Back to Reality sounds like he doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together– but plenty of emotional problems. At least one study has shown a correlation between a man’s hatred of cats and his ability to… how shall I put this….

  2. Here’s an idea … hire a private investigator instead of using instead of using everyone else’s valuable tax-payer dollars to find out why the cat-owner was criminally negligent enough to let it roam free to be killed by any means at all. Oh wait, then they’d find-out that the person truly responsible for the death of their own cat was the cat’s owner, and they’d be thrown in prison for animal-neglect and all animal-endangerment laws. I guess this won’t work. You’d only end up hiring an investigator to, in the end, convict the cat’s owner. Oh well.

    Isn’t this clear enough for you? Should we dumb-it-down for you even more than that? Maybe you can have some 1st-graders and 2nd-graders explain what it means to be responsible for the safety and well-being of their own pets. Most of them are already old enough and wise enough to know what that means. When will you?

    • I shouldn’t respond but I will. As usual you have completely ignored the law as you normally do because you let your personal biases and hatred get in the way of making a reasonable comment. A crime has been committed. The police have a duty to investigate the crime. There is no obligation on the cat’s owners to pay privately to investigate the crime as they have already paid through taxes.

      The fact that you feel the need to constantly insult me indicates how desperate you are with your pathetic arguments. It is perfectly legal to let a cat go outside in the USA. Only a tiny percentage of these cats suffer health problems because they go outside. And extremely rarely an individual like the person who commited this crime kills a cat. This person is a criminal. You have admitted to killing cats and therefore you too are a criminal.

      Don’t respond to this, because it won’t be published.

  3. I too am thoroughly appalled by the torture of Sage (and hideous treatment of countless other animals). I have heard too many comments along the line of “It’s ‘just’ a cat (or dog, rabbit, whatever).” It is regrettable, and to me unfathomable, that people can think in this fashion. I fear the initial outrage has died out, and the investigators may have simply moved on to other issues.

  4. I agree, Michael. I believe that Sage’s murderer is sitting right under the radar. I also believe that the police have enough savvy to track and find the person(s) responsible for this abhorrent act of animal cruelty. I do not want to let this crime rest.

    • Thank you Frances. I agree with you that this person is sitting right under the radar as you say and that the police could find the person if they put enough resources and commitment to the task. Neither do I want to see this crime fizzle out inconclusively. The world needs to see justice done with respect to animal cruelty and particularly in this case which was such a brutal example of animal cruelty.

  5. Yes, the worst thing to do is to let it blow over. That’s what the criminals want. That’s what reinforces that behavior. That’s their reward. What’s up police? You’re supposed to be better than that! The least you can do is to not just let go of it.

    • Absolutely, Albert. Criminals almost know that they can get away with animal cruelty of this kind because they know that the police will not be committed enough to investigate it competently. This as you say encourages more animal cruelty.

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