Sage Was One of Three Cats Tortured in a Similar Manner

Should the investigators disclose the name of the suspect in the Sage the Cat torture and killing?

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New information has been revealed by Jensen Investigations in this long-running investigation regarding a cat whose name was Sage who was tortured and killed by a fiend who has yet to be caught. If you need to familiarize yourself with this distressing story then please click on this link.

A private investigator, Jason Jensen, offered his services to try and find the culprit, essentially because the local police force failed in their duties to carry out a proper investigation.

In a Facebook post Mr Jensen has stated that three cats in all were tortured in a similar fashion. One of these cats was Sage. The other two live nearby. I wrote about one of them on this website on November 9, 2017. You can read the report by clicking on this link. I reported that the second cat had been abused about 20 days after the torture of Sage.

Yesterday Jason Jensen reported on a third cat also abused at a similar time in the same area. There appears to be a clear connection between these cases of cat torture and abuse. In the words of Jensen:

“Starting to see a new connection between all three of these cases!”

Mr Jensen makes this appeal to the public:

“To the public – “If you know someone who acted strangely in or around Clearfield, OR missed work that night, OR wasn’t home when should have been, OR you heard strange cat moans, OR that’s the night you work while you leave your son home alone, please call us ASAP. 801-444-9005”

Below I reproduce a map of the area with the locations of the three cats, including Sage, who were tortured. And below that I have embedded a Facebook post which explains the fresh information in the words of Jason Jensen.

What does this all mean? Well it means (probably) that the same person committed these crimes. But we are no nearer finding the person. Michele Massa, who has been passionate in her desire to see justice done writes this:

“Right, at one time it was thought the murderer had access to the machine shop in the school which – sorry i know this is disturbing- would have a vise to hold a cat and glue guns, i am sick to my stomach again, but I would look for a mechanically inclined teenager, maybe he works on cars in his spare time, or God forbid a really sick school employee who had access after hours…”

Patricia Miklusak writes:

“All three were tortured on a Wednesday. There must be something about that. Maybe some parent goes out somewhere every Wednesday to a meeting , dinner, bowling etc. and leaves children home alone. There must be something going on just on Wednesdays.”

If you can help please do so in any way you can. We need to find this person.

17 thoughts on “Sage Was One of Three Cats Tortured in a Similar Manner”

  1. Animal abuse and cruelty is never justified. I do not care what the cat did. It is mental illness and criminal. A police officer who condones and engages in criminal and cruel behavior should be reported, fired, jailed. Mentally ill person with a gun. What could go wrong?

  2. Aware My post was about that person deciding to kill pets for revenge which is sickening and disgusting and evil with the approval of the police and most definitely is a form of mental illness to have that kind of rage – not about what I would do. I have an indoor only cat just because of evil people like those guys but you decided to just go off on me without having any facts. Maybe you better go back to grade school to retake reading comprehension so you stop looking like an idiot. And I still wish they would get shot. If you do not like it keep scrolling, no one is asking you to reply. I do not care about what you think. Sounds like you kill cats too.

  3. Sad Cats I hope somebody shoots you and that psycho Sheriff Satan in the head without warning real soon shit face. It would be true community service for your town. Only place Sheriff Psycho should be in charge is Hell.

    • So you would rather choose to be a negligent and irresponsible pet-owner who doesn’t really care one bit if your cat even gets ran over by a car or dies or gets injured in any other way, just to lose the life of your cat so you can justify hating and killing humans too.

      Your morality score is below zero for zero.

      Go look up the definitions of “psychopath” and “sociopath”. You seem to have missed learning how to use a dictionary at some point in your life.

      Nobody has to wish that you end-up in hell, you’re already living in one of your own making.


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