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Sage Was One of Three Cats Tortured in a Similar Manner — 17 Comments

  1. Animal abuse and cruelty is never justified. I do not care what the cat did. It is mental illness and criminal. A police officer who condones and engages in criminal and cruel behavior should be reported, fired, jailed. Mentally ill person with a gun. What could go wrong?

  2. Aware My post was about that person deciding to kill pets for revenge which is sickening and disgusting and evil with the approval of the police and most definitely is a form of mental illness to have that kind of rage – not about what I would do. I have an indoor only cat just because of evil people like those guys but you decided to just go off on me without having any facts. Maybe you better go back to grade school to retake reading comprehension so you stop looking like an idiot. And I still wish they would get shot. If you do not like it keep scrolling, no one is asking you to reply. I do not care about what you think. Sounds like you kill cats too.

  3. Sad Cats I hope somebody shoots you and that psycho Sheriff Satan in the head without warning real soon shit face. It would be true community service for your town. Only place Sheriff Psycho should be in charge is Hell.

    • So you would rather choose to be a negligent and irresponsible pet-owner who doesn’t really care one bit if your cat even gets ran over by a car or dies or gets injured in any other way, just to lose the life of your cat so you can justify hating and killing humans too.

      Your morality score is below zero for zero.

      Go look up the definitions of “psychopath” and “sociopath”. You seem to have missed learning how to use a dictionary at some point in your life.

      Nobody has to wish that you end-up in hell, you’re already living in one of your own making.

  4. Isn’t interesting that a maimed and mutilated dead cat is worth even over $64,000 to someone who is remaining silent? There’s your true value of cats. Alive you can’t even give them away, they have a negative monetary value today; and to offer over $64,000 for a dead one isn’t even enough for anyone who knows who did it to step forward to claim it.

    Maimed and mutilated dead cats are worth thousands and thousands of dollars more to the general population today than the negative-value of any living one!

    The case of Sage is your absolute indefensible proof of the true value of cats today, alive AND dead.

    I know of one neighbor who was shooting all the stray cats in the area. One day he bragged to me about the 2 purebred Siamese that he shot dead that were sitting under his hummingbird feeder. The cats were trying to snatch hummingbirds out of the air. When he told me of this I asked him, “Aren’t those kinds of cats really expensive?” His only reply, “I damn sure as hell hope so! The piece of shit owners totally deserved to lose that much, and thousands of dollars more!”

    There’s your TRUE value of cats in the eyes of everyone who is not you.

    • Unsurprisingly your thinking is completely distorted and incorrect. The $64,000 reward for finding the criminal is a reward for finding a criminal. It is to resolve a crime and help prevent crime. It has nothing to do with the value of cats. That is obvious. Your manic desire to attack cat lovers distorts your thinking.

      As for your shitty neighbor. He is another criminal. If you tell me where you live and/or his name I’ll tell the police and the owner of the Siamese cats.

      • I’d tell you but it would be a waste of your time. The sheriff is the one who told him to LEGALLY shoot all cats on his property to resolve the problem of all the inconsiderate and disrespectful cat-owners, and solve it permanently. It worked. Not one person anywhere around allows their cats to roam free anymore. Some people are just difficult to educate, like you. They have to learn from experience from hundreds of their dead cats, instead of learning from sage advice and warnings. Nobody warns irresponsible cat-owners anymore. Everyone just makes their cats go bye-bye, permanently. Verbally warning a cat-owner just falls on deaf ears and an empty head. Just like it does to you. Their cats must die before they even begin to learn what they are doing wrong their whole lives. It’s the ONLY thing that works today! You prove that with every post you make supporting the existence of uncontained cats.

  5. I honestly still lose sleep over this horror of a situation. I pray that payback is coming to whoever is doing this. And I have full intention that he/she/they will be caught. One way or another.

  6. truthbetold you coward I bet you sit in your mommy’s basement and troll all day long, seems like you have an awful lot of time on your hands since you to put psychotic rants on this page and don’t have the balls to use your real name you pussy.

  7. “What does this all mean? Well it means …”

    … con-artist and starving P.I. Jensen is going to get to drag this out for years to play it for every last donation-penny that he can. Just like all “cat-rescuers” do who find one of their maimed and mutilated cats that they threw outdoors to manipulate everyone for attention and profit.

  8. Churches have mid-week services Wednesday evenings. And good parents are often known to have really horrible kids.

  9. I’m just praying and hoping for a breakthrough. Before I read that there was an enormous reward connected to this, which amazed me, because I would think somebody who knew anything would come forward just for that award money. But maybe this guy was so stealthy that nobody knew. The Wednesday thing is interesting. I hope this person suffers painfully, and his identity is uncovered soon. And for authorities to not drop the ball if he is caught.

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