Saint Judes Catholic Chuch Tequesta, Florida USA

Saint Judes Catholic Chuch Tequesta, Florida USA

by Michael
(London, UK)

Date: early 2008 This is a small, not very interesting (some would say) news story that interests me though as it’s about cats. I have republished this as I think it is and interesting reflection on Christianity. But I make no judgments. I just observe.

Behind the Saint Judes Catholic Chuch Tequesta, Florida USA there is some scrubby ground owned by the church. Feral cats live there.

A kind gentleman wants to help. He feeds the cats and would like to trap neuter and release them.

The church agrees to this and he goes ahead. The work is done. The church then erects a high fence around the area which traps the cats inside this area. That’s what it seems like to me and to the guy who is helping.

The church then issue a notice saying no-one can get involved with the cats (they can do this as it happens on their land).

These are my thoughts, randomly listed without moral judgment:

  • the church has the right to do this as the cats might create an incident as a result of which the church becomes legally liable
  • the church seems to have used this gentlemen to fix the problem of the cats breeding and then fenced them in to starve them – can this be true?
  • the church seems to want to get rid of the cats in any way possible
  • is there some other reason behind this? I think I read in a Yahoo Group that there are birds in the area that the church has an obligation to protect
  • the church seem to be treating feral cats in a non-Christian way, a way that Jesus would not approve of

    What do you think? There is a YouTube video about this – this has been removed some time ago!

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