SAKIZ Says Hello From Turkey

SAKIZ Says Hello From Turkey

by Özge
(Eskisehir, Türkiye.)

Beautiful SAKIZ - a Turkish Angora mix cat in Turkey. She is 5 months old at March 2010.

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Beautiful SAKIZ - a Turkish Angora mix cat in Turkey. She is 5 months old at March 2010.

Beautiful SAKIZ - a Turkish Angora mix cat in Turkey. She is 5 months old at March 2010. SAKIZ SAKIZ

During January 2010, I and my husband decided to have a cat and share our life with it. My husband was more experienced about cats because he has an 11 years old cat at his parents' house.

I was a little concerned not to be able to meet all its requirements and to fail to live with it. My husband encouraged me and found a shelter where you can adopt homeless, abandoned animals.

On a cold, icy Saturday, we went there - just for looking. They showed us 3 small kittens but one of them was different.

It started to touch and tried to play with us. Her tail was broken, she was newly neutered and her left ear was cut from the edge. She had been left at the shelter twice before we came to take her.

Since I was new to living with a cat, my husband decided to take the little white one who was interested in us and curious about its surrounding.

We took the bus back home. First we went to a veterinary surgery to register and buy some requirements for her. The vet said that she was not an ordinary street cat but she is a crossbreed of a Turkish Angora.

Obviously she was treated badly before. At first she was shy and frightened when we got up to walk around. However, in a very short time we made a very good couple for her.

She is clever, curious, fast and full of love. She is 15 months old now.

I will share new photos of her showing her present beauty.

Update.....Who / What is Sakiz?

Hello! As I promised, here are recent photos of Sakiz....:

For the first two weeks we could not find a proper name for her. We called her "kiz" (girly).

There is a phrase in Turkish "sakiz gibi beyaz" (white as gum). It is used for expressing the whiteness and the cleanliness even the softness -when you use it for a bread- of something.

In addition she was following me everywhere and sleeping on me. That's why she became our Sakiz.

Our white, clean, soft and sticky cat 🙂
She never leaves me alone, always helps my work and gets more beautiful everyday.

Love from Eskisehir, Türkiye.


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SAKIZ Says Hello From Turkey

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Feb 04, 2011 Kitten TA
by: Anonymous

I am looking for a "Odd-eyed" Turkish Angora Kitten. Do you have any or know of someone who does? Thanks. Me**************@ya***.ca

Jan 06, 2011 SAKIZ is gorgeous!
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Hello from Boston, Massachusetts in the USA! SAKIZ is so beautiful and elegant! Thank you so much for sharing her with us. Please visit again with more pictures.

Jan 03, 2011 Sakiz
by: Ruth

Hello from another cat lover in the North East of England. I am so glad you found Michael's PoC site and have shared the photos of your cat Sakiz with us.
I think she is beautiful too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 03, 2011 Hello
by: Michael

SAKIZ says hello from Turkey. I say hello from London, England.

Thanks for sticking around and showing us SAKIZ. She is beautiful and sweet.

And she has that feral cat ear clipping which I think makes her more attractive!

Michael Avatar

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