Salma Hayek put catnip in her boots to attract cats while filming House of Gucci scene

The video shows Lady Gaga on the Jimmy Kimmel Live. I have arranged for the video to start at the point where she discusses a scene that was cut from the film House of Gucci, in which she starred. Apparently, Lady Gaga floated the idea of a sex scene between her character Patrizia Reggiani and Pina, as played by Hayek, to director Ridley Scott.

Laga Gaga discusses House of Gucci and cats and catnip

Laga Gaga discusses House of Gucci and cats and catnip. Screenshot.

In that scene the camera follows Hayek’s feet while her cats follow her around. In order to get them to do it, according to Lady Gaga Hayek put “a bunch of catnip in her boots and the cats are following her. Then we are surrounded by cats and we start making out – and I made out with Selma Hayek.”

As mentioned, the idea for the scene came from Lady Gaga. She was happy with it. And in it she kisses Hayek (‘make out’). I’m not seen the film but the interesting part of it from a cat’s perspective is the effectiveness of putting catnip in her shoes to get the cats to follow her.

There’s nothing more to say! This is just a little snippet from the world of films. Cats can feature quite importantly in films. I can think of two but there are many more. The first is a cat called Orangey who featured quite strongly in the Audrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961). I have a full page on Orangey which might interest you. If you click here you will go to it.

Another more recent film in which a cat played a role is Gone Girl. Once again, the cat is a ginger tabby whose name is Cheetoh (note: there is a purebred cat call a Cheetoh ?). I suggested that the cat’s inclusion in the film has a hidden significance. The cat didn’t have to be there and in my view he’s there because he’s non-judgemental. In the film the two central characters are very judgemental of each other and Cheetoh is just there, reliable and consistent behaving well while the two humans are not. Click this link for more on that if you wish.

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