Same US state has lowest Covid vaccination, poorest animal protection, poorest education, most religion

Alabama is perhaps one of three US states in the category of the poorest in terms of Covid vaccination rates, quality of education, animal protection laws and general quality of living (plus most religious). Louisiana has a very similar poor ranking in these categories.

Alabama veterinarian , Dr Logan, abuses cat while being filmed
CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO BE TAKEN TO THE GHASTLY STORY OF THE Alabama veterinarian , Dr Logan, who abuses a cat while being filmed. Screenshot from video.
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Arguably, the veterinarian above would not have been so mindlessly unsuited to being a vet if he was raised and lived in California or Michigan.

Is it legal to shoot a urinating or defecating cat on your property in Alabama?
Is it legal to shoot a urinating or defecating cat on your property in Alabama? CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO FIND OUT.

Alabama is ranked 46th in animal protection laws according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. It is the second worst state after Louisiana to live in by World Population Review. Alabama is ranked 5th as the least educated state i.e. there are 45 better educated states. Louisiana holds the 3rd place for least educated state.

And both Alabama and Louisiana are among the worst 10 states for lowest vaccination rates against Covid-19 as at Sept 22, 2021 according to the Daily Mail.

The information shows a link, I’d say, between low vaccination rates and poor education which make sense. The poorly educated are more likely to be anti-vaxxers because they believe all the crazy guff sloshing around the internet on social media that Covid vaccinations do horrible things to people. Vaccinations save lives. Millions will be saved thanks to inoculations.

Alabama in the bottom tier of animal protection laws
Alabama in the bottom tier of animal protection laws. Image: MIkeB using Animal Defense Fund image.

There is also a link between poor education and poor animal welfare. Poor education encourages animal abuse and animal neglect. Good education is enlightening. It opens the eyes to possibilities and realities. The reality that cats are sentient beings who feel pain and have emotions. The Dodo website ranks both Alabama and Louisiana as two of the worst for animal cruelty.

Alabama is also listed as one of the most religious states in the USA. Ninety-percent say that religion is very or somewhat important to them as at 2014, as per Wikipedia. The religion will be Christianity as Alabama and Louisiana are in the Bible Belt of the US.

A belief in a God is less likely when an individual is well-educated as education enlightens through open-minded self-analysis.

What’s the purpose of this post? To show the importance of education in helping to resolve cat cruelty! That’s the purpose of this post. To show that ignorance leads to animal abuse and self-abuse. Education and good, well-enforced animal protection laws minimise animal abuse.

Poor education also leads to poor animal protection laws because the law makers are more likely to be unenlightened about the value of animals and the bible doesn’t help either when referring to humans having dominion over animals.

There will always be animal abuse because that is the nature of humankind which is on a journey of awakening about the sentience and intelligence of animals. There is a long way and many hundreds of years to go before we have our relationship with animals on a decent footing.


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