Sammi De Cat

by Linda Gyarmaty
(Weirton, WV USA)

Our Beautiful York Chocolate Cat

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Our Beautiful York Chocolate Cat

We are the proud parents of a beautiful York Chocolate. Someone had dropped off a little kitten that was more dead than alive. One day the neighbors saw her carried off by a Manx cat that had previously lost her own kittens. Rumor had it, she had taken her off and killed her.

Little did they know she was being nursed on my back porch by the Manx. She was absolutely wild (although you would never suspect that today).

With a little patience, we were able to tame her. She is now 8 Yrs old and as you can see....beautiful!

We had an offer from a York breeder several years ago to send us a young male and in exchange, they would receive one of the kittens when she was bred.

But unfortunately due to financial problems and such we were never able to do so. I do believe she would have had gorgeous kittens. I can post more pics if you would like.


Hi Linda.. thanks for showing us Sammi. Indeed she looks gorgeous. I feel like cuddling her right now! She looks very cuddly. She also looks like a good sized cat.

If you have some more pics I can upload them. Just email them to:

mjmeister at changing at to @

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Dec 29, 2009
York Chocolates
by: Anonymous

The breed originated in upstate New York, yet the Europeans are wild about these felines. The University of Rome, Italy, even did a complete genome on this cat.

It is extremely intelligent and very unusual communicative skills without "meowing ". Here is the site for the International York Chocolate Federation - link broken March 2013 sorry.

Dec 18, 2009
A fairytale come true
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Linda. She's gorgeous. Interesting story how she was nursed by another cat that had lost it's own kittens. I've heard similar stories before and even though it makes no sense if you look purely at the purpose of passing on of genes, it's no surprise to those of us who believe that cats too have feelings. Sammi is a real fairytale come true.

Dec 17, 2009
shes lovely
by: kathy

She is very beautiful. She reminds of our cat Midnight who we adopted from the wild back in august. She wasnt completely wild. She sort of had been the neighborhood pet and all the neighbors cared for her. We often wonder what breed she is. We have come to the conclusion that she just is our beautiful long haired Black cat lady. Even though every time something happens in our house she thinks its our Bengal mixes fault and she proceeds to remove a few hairs off of him. Then she doesnt always act like a lady.

Dec 14, 2009
Sammi De Cat
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

A vey beautiful, well maintained cat.

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