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Samson: Cat dumped in NC with little food and no water now safe in foster care after being trapped Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. I just cried my eyes out! Thank God and all those people who were helping with the trapping and getting him to the vet just make me feel a little better knowing that there are still good animal lovers out there. I looked at the picture many times and he looks like the feral cat I named LULU was adopted from us. God I hope not! He looks exactly like LULU but I could be wrong. I’m so glad to know that he’s doing OK for now and people are willing to donate for his care as I will also. God bless you all and kitty don’t give up, be strong!!!

  2. Oh Thank you Lord!!! I have cried, worried, prayed, cried some more, been mad as hell, scared for him, thinking about all the things that could happen to him, then cried some more!!! I looked constantly for any news!!!This is the BEST NEWS I’ve heard in a LONG TIME!!! NOW…..LET’S MAKE THOSE CALLS AND GET JUSTICE FOR SAMSON!!!
    Poor boy looks so exhausted!!! You are OK now, sweetie!!! That vile piece of TRASH will NEVER CAUSE YOU SUFFERING AGAIN!!!
    Well done, Elisa!! Thank you!!!

  3. Unfortunately, animal cruelty isn’t taken very seriously in NC. The maximum allowed under NC animal law and what should actually happen are two very different things.

    I haven’t heard whether Raymond made bond or is still in jail but if she’s still in jail it will likely be a small fine and time served.

    • Animal abuse can be prosecuted as a felony in all 50 states. In another post his injuries were called “felonious”. I am hopeful that she will be tried as a felon. A lot of animal abuse stories coming out of NC. 🙁 Including/mostly in regards to animal shelters!!

  4. What drove the stake through my heart was when she said Samson “tried to get back in the car” as this woman drove off, abandoning him with no hope… The heartbreak of a dependent pet animal at a time like that is too painful for me to even think about. When death is better than what this selfish, cruel woman did to her own pet, it’s just too much! Lord the animal cruelty lately… and once again, NC.

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