Samsung television packaging makes cat house

Samsung have come up with a very cool, 21st century, idea. It is reusing the extensive amount of cardboard packaging that protects a new Samsung television to make a cat house or a storage unit. They are Samsung ‘Livestyle TVs’ boxed in ‘eco-packaging’. The cardboard is marked out for ease of construction.

Cat house from TV packaging
Cat house from TV packaging. Picture: Samsung
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This is an idea born out of a 21st century need to find ways to protect the environment and to recycle. It is the antithesis of a throwaway culture to which the West is arguably addicted.

I think it is a first and I commend the Samsung employees.

It is not an entirely altruistic idea. They hope to sell more televisions and they might because people are certainly far more sensitive towards environmental pollution that they used to be. Also there is advertising on the outside of the cat house 🙂 . A bit of emulsion paint would deal with that nicely.

The cat house is made from the packaging of The Sherif television which is the one with a built in four legged stand as I understand it.

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