San Francisco Station 49 hit with cease and desist order preventing any discussion of Edna, including on social media

Employees at San Francisco Station 49 has received a cease and desist order that prevents them from discussing the identity of the anonymous complainer that led to their station cat Edna’s eviction on Monday.

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The order was issued Thursday by Mark Gonzales, deputy chief of operations of the San Francisco Fire Department. The order reads in part:

“The San Francisco Fire Department received a report alleging that Station 49 Personnel are openly speculating while on duty about the possible identity of the anonymous complainant that resulted in the removal of the cat from the workplace.

Effective immediately, I hereby order all Station 49 Personnel to cease and desist from any communication regarding the identity of the anonymous complainant while at work or using SFFD-issued devices or email accounts on or off-duty, or from engaging in any on or off-duty conduct that may violate any of the CCSF’s laws and policies regarding anonymous complaints. Conduct of this nature includes, but is not limited to, rumormongering and mistreatment of co-workers.”

Cease and desist order from San Francisco Fire Dept.
Cease and desist order from San Francisco Fire Dept.

The San Francisco Gate, who reported the story Friday, interviewed Gonzales who said:

“I know it’s an emotional thing; we understand that we’re not inhumane, but we have rules, and if we knew about the cat ahead of time, this maybe could have been taken care of better. We don’t want [employees] doing anything on or off-duty that will get them in trouble.”

Any employee who refuses to sign the cease-and-desist order may be disciplined, including employment termination. This includes social media, which could put a hamper on Edna’s Instagram account.

An anonymous source says people are terrified about being terminated.

The powers that be are still repeating:

“This facility is the Department’s Ambulance Deployment Facility. Within this facility is Department Logistics, where medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals used by ambulance staff to provide crucial life-saving emergency health care are housed.”

If this is the case, doesn’t every fire station have some kind of medical supply area? Yet other fire stations have cats and dogs at their station. It would appear Edna is being singled out for some reason.

Makes a person wonder whether the anonymous complainer has a gripe with fellow employees. What do the readers think? Please sound off in the comment section. As for calling that person out, KARMA has a way of catching up with people.

To view the PDF of the cease-and-desist order click here.

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2 thoughts on “San Francisco Station 49 hit with cease and desist order preventing any discussion of Edna, including on social media”

  1. IMO it was a disgruntled former employee or cat hater and maybe even both,in a Chicago fire house they have a cat mascot and there is one fire house cat named ‘Flame’,photo below but yeah if ye google fire house cat mascots many links pop up.

  2. Poor Edna. She must have felt really confused about her rehoming incident. If she could talk, I wonder which “home” she would choose? The camaraderie of SF Station #49, which is all she had ever known? Or the new family with other cats and a dog? This is certainly a new situation for Edna. I wonder how badly she misses her old family…😔 💜 💜

    As for the disgruntled employee, this was truly a “cheap shot.” From Merriam Webster’ online dictionary, “an act of deliberate roughness against a defenseless opponent especially in a contact sport.” I ultimately believe in the universal law of karma. Any ill will this person may have which targeted Edna will come back to him/her at some point in time. 😥 ☯️ ☮️ 🗝️


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