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Sandy Pines management are unable to treat feral cats humanely — 33 Comments

  1. Michael Broad said on March 22nd, 2018 at 05:00…

    “I am sorry…”

    This is your only true statement. To continue:

    “…but (a) you genuinely detest non-native ‘pests’ like feral cats…”

    This is a bad thing? I genuinely detest the ecological destruction wrought by human introduction of invasive African clawed frogs which spread the novel invasive Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis fungus to vulnerable native amphibians in North, Central and South America and Australia, and which has caused the extinction of numerous amphibian species in less than three decades. I also genuinely detest the damage wrought by invasive Aedes aegyptii mosquitoes which are spreading the Zika virus to vulnerable human populations in the US, and genuinely believe we should do all in our power to combat this scourge. Does this make me the devil? To continue…

    “…and (b) you are unable to prove scientifically and beyond doubt that feral cats have the harm on children as stated and…”

    The CDC itself warns that toxoplasmosis causes up to 5,000 serious birth defects each and every year. Peter Hotez, MD Phd, Dean of the Tropical Medicine Institute at Baylor College, has warned that cat-vectored toxocariasis has infected ONE out of every THREE black American children living in poverty in the US, subjecting them to risk of developmental disability and blindness. These are facts you can verify just as easily as I. But black children are clearly even less a concern to you than other segments of humanity. As I am grandfather to five black children, my priorities are diametrically opposed to yours, for which I will not apologize. To continue:

    “(c) ignore the damage that humans do and which rebounds on humans e.g. plastic in oceans poisoning fish and then people and air pollution by diesel vehicles killing people and (d) diesel particulate pollution damaging children’s minds etc etc….”

    This, boys and girls, is a classic example of the logical fallacy known as “deflection”. Fact is that my concern for the threats posed by the feral cat scourge to public health and wildlife conservation doesn’t mean I don’t have other concerns. YOU’RE the one who only cares about cats, not me. You prove that with everything you write.

    Ask yourself, Michael, for example–do you REALLY think I’ve IGNORED such issues as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder deliberately subjecting the–mostly black–children of Flint, Michigan to LEAD poisoning, LEGIONNAIRES’ DISEASE and a half-dozen other deadly toxins by switching that city’s drinking water supply from Lake Huron to the corrosively polluted water from the Flint River? Or other threats to our environment and vulnerable populations by selfish, entitled individuals and greedy, criminal corporations? Again, YOU’RE the one pathologically focused on cats–not me!

    I’ll bet you $100.00 USD (70.25 GBP) you don’t have the integrity to print this, much less respond to it.

    • I have the integrity to publish it. I have more integrity than you can imagine. However, I don’t have the time or inclination to read your comment. You are in a very small minority in your thoughts which in itself tells us how valid your thoughts are. Please desist from returning to this website for the simple reason that I and I am sure many others are tired of your quasi-scientific arguments which in my opinion are full of fallacies, exaggerations, distortions and bias for the simple reason that you hate feral cats.

      • Utter nonsense, and you know it. Quoting the CDC and the Dean of Baylor College’s Tropical Medicine Institute hardly constitutes ‘quasi-scientific’ arguments. They’re arguments for which you have no facts to refute. Dr. Hotez was the man who first warned that the Zika virus was coming to the US, long before it arrive. He has considerably more credibility than you. As for fallacies, you are the one who engaged in deflection, not me.

        • This conversation is over. I don’t want to hear from you again. You are an unpleasant person using semi-scientific arguments which do not stack up in my view. I have challenged you in the past to produce scientific evidence meaning hard scientific evidence and you have failed to produce it. Enough is enough. Please do not comment on this site again. If you try you will be deleted.

  2. You’ll have to stay tuned for the incidence of toxoplasmosis-induced ocular lesions, because the figures I’m finding from recent research by John Hopkins University and elsewhere are HIGHER than the 1.3 million in the US I previously quoted, i.e. ranging from 6 to 7.4 million (so far).

    I will try to resolve this apparent “discrepancy” before I submit links to the papers involved, which will take some reading. Unlike most of the feral cat fanatics I know, I’m disinclined to lie in order to “justify” my position, even “accidentally”.

    As for the law, I lived in Alaska for the last 14 years. I and a retired AK state wildlife biologist successfully convinced the AK state Board of Game to unanimously reject an appaeal by feral cat groups (including Alley Cat Allies) to legalize TNR in Alaska just last November.
    We were backed by biologists from the US Geological Survey, the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, and the Advisory Councils of eleven Native Alaskan villages.

    The Board has yet to act on our own proposal which would declare Felis catus “deleterious exotic wildlife”, which would allow for year-round open season, unlimited take, and allow hunting them by any legal hunting method (including bow-and-arrow) anywhere it’s legal to hunt in Alaska. We intend to revive that proposal before the Board two years from now.

    In the meantime, Alaska was among ~20 US States attending the Western State Governor’s Association conference which have declared F. catus an invasive species, which is an important first step.

    Current Alaska law: Alaska Administrative Code Chapt. 5.92.029, and Anchorage Municipal Code Title 1 prohibit maintaining non-native domesticated animals unconfined, and allow residents to shoot them in defense of property, or if they’re seen harassing or harming wildlife. I believe Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Missouri are among several other US states which have similar provisions in their statues.

    • I’ll wait patiently for those studies. And I can bet you that the studies will not state conclusively what you are claiming. They may use estimates or say that the numbers are “estimated” and use that kind of vague language. Or they may make presumptions and so on. You will have to quote verbatim firm scientific conclusions supporting your assertions.

      Common sense dictates that if what you said is true then there would be a significant human health issue. The governments of the states of America and the federal government have no plans or intentions to deal with feral cats in a radical way which they would have to do if what you state is true.

  3. I definitely will NOT be a visitor to Sandy Pines Resort and I will advise my friends about how horribly they treat animals there. If their treatment of animals is any indication of how they feel about visitors, they definitely don’t need my money!

  4. I’m hoping we see more and more property-owners refusing to allow worthless “trap-neuter-release” programs, and doing what is necessary to permanently–and lethally–remove these disease-ridden “community” vermin from our environment.

    • Your true colors revealed at last – a cat hater. For me you are the disease-ridden vermin to be eradicated permanently. The world would be a better place without you.

      • Thanks for posting more death-threats against humans. This proves that caring for cats and their brain-hijacking Toxoplasma gondii parasites turns humans into verified and self-proclaimed serial-killers without one thought, iota of morality, nor regret on their part.

        Your true serial-killer colors are revealed once again, and often.

        Reporting you once again to law-enforcements’ terrorist watch-lists. Don’t bother editing your death-threats again, they’re already archived, as were all the rest from you and your supporters.

      • Really? Because I don’t agree with your opinions concerning how to control an invasive species species and disease-vector, I should be killed? I’d argue that the world would be a better place if those who valued cats’ lives over humans’ were removed. Unlike you, I can back up my argument with facts…

        • Well I don’t value cat’s lives over humans. I value an humane treatment of animals and the recognition that humans cause far more damage to humans than cats and in any case we created feral cats. Therefore we have a moral obligation to treat them humanely. You totally ignore this vital aspect of the debate. This reflects on your mentality.

      • Nonsense. I never hid my “true colors” with respect to my opposition to the irresponsible proliferation of invasive species. I said as much to you the other thread about the rat chasing the cat–and I quote:

        “I have a problem with the proliferation of deleterious invasive species. That includes feral common carp, feral Norway rats, feral hogs, feral Indian mynahs, feral Burmese pythons and…yes, feral cats.”

        And “hatred” has nothing to do with it. The fact that I don’t EXEMPT cats from the status of invasive species for aesthetic or “emotional” reasons doesn’t mean I hate them.

        When I worked on St. Paul Island in the Bering Sea, the Native Alaskan Tribal Council mandated the destruction of invasive rats on the island, and required commercial vessels tying up at their port to have rat-guards on their mooring lines. Was all this because they were “rat-haters”? No. They killed the rats to protect the rookeries of ground-nesting seabirds like red-faced cormorants, king ‘eider seaducks, horned puffins, crested auklets and many more.

        Do you see the difference?

        • OK fair enough but you dislike non-native species at least and probably detest all non-native species and therefore you hate cats. And you overplay the non-native species card. Why are they so hateful? Feral and domestic cats are equally protected under the US animal welfare laws in the same way as any other animal. The feral cat is not seen by the law as a non-native and to be persecuted. That tells you something.

          • No, what you say tells everyone nothing, as usual.

            22 US states have now clearly put all feral and TNR cats (Felis catus) on their invasive species lists. In square miles these 22 states combined are far larger in area than half of the 50 states, nearly 2/3rds of the USA have now put un-owned Felis catus on the invasive-species extermination list.

            Here’s just one of hundreds of sites reporting on this.


            Contained house-cats are the only ones now exempt from being eradicated by all means that are used when dealing with eradicating all invasive species (hunting, poisons, lethal trapping, etc.) If someones cat escapes from their criminally negligent pet-keeping, now that they know it will be killed if they do, its death will be the person’s fault who let it escape. (Just as it has always been, only more clearly now.)

            Tell us again how your lap-cat and any that escape from your irresponsible behaviors and values are equally protected under the law.

            And as you already know, many other eastern states in the USA makes it completely legal to kill any stray cats. Eastern states probably didn’t feel the need to add feral cats to their invasive-species lists, because they already are legal to hunt and kill under all invasive-species laws. Western states were just updating their long-past-due laws.

          • Sorry, my arguments are driven by facts, not emotions. Which part of “hatred has nothing to do with it” didn’t you understand?

            Unless you consider the spread of zoonotic diseases, environmental contamination and species-level extinctions GOOD things, you have no basis for criticizing my objecting to the deliberate proliferation of invasive species which CAUSE those things.

            I oppose “no-kill” and TNR because it proliferates invasive disease vectors, not because I hate cats. Thanks to TNR, 1.3 million people in my country–mostly children–are losing their eyesight to toxoplasmosis-induced ocular lesions. Do you PROMOTE TNR because you hate children?

            • “Thanks to TNR, 1.3 million people in my country–mostly children–are losing their eyesight to toxoplasmosis-induced ocular lesions. “

              Produce chapter and verse to support that. I want to see hard evidence. You people can never produce hard evidence. Let’s see it and it must be conclusive and solid. If you can’t produce it you’ll have to go away and leave me alone.

              Also u have not responded to my point about the law. That is a very cogent point.

              • In the meantime, here’s a story of a three year-old (one of a set of triplets) who died in agony from rabies after being bitten by a feral cat from a TNR colony in South Africa on 01/01/18.

                The colony “care-takers” told his dad not to worry, because the cats had been vaccinated for rabies! The colony was maintained next to the resort where the aggrieved family was staying.

                THIS is the true face of TNR.

                • Really, is that the best you can do? This is not the true face of TNR. This is South Africa and one colony of feral cats. We have no idea how well or poorly it is managed. Do you know the prevalence of rabies in that country? You are being very selective to support your assertions. Let’s try and keep the information to America because that’s what you are objecting about: the feral cats in America.

                  • Nonsense. I have never restricted my objections to America. My son and two of my grandchildren live in Australia, which is one of the most horrifically cat-afflicted countries on earth.

                    I merely turned your own lack of logic back on you. If my concerns about the threat proliferation of stray and feral cats pose public health makes me a “cat-hater”, then your support of such proliferation makes you a “child-hater”. Good for the goose, good for the gander.

                    • I am sorry but (a) you genuinely detest non-native ‘pests’ like feral cats and (b) you are unable to prove scientifically and beyond doubt that feral cats have the harm on children as stated and (c) ignore the damage that humans do and which rebounds on humans e.g. plastic in oceans poisoning fish and then people and air pollution by diesel vehicles killing people and (d) diesel particulate pollution damaging children’s minds etc etc….

                    • I find it amazing that you detest all the damage that humans do to the environment, but somehow have a gaping vacuum in your brain where you are able to magically ignore all the damage that YOU do with your human-created cats. The damage that cats do is NOT independent of human values and activity. The damage that cats do IS CAUSED BY HUMAN VALUES AND ACTIVITY. If you weren’t here on earth, your cats wouldn’t exist anywhere either. Cats destroying the environment IS CAUSED BY YOU. You cannot simply distance yourself from what your man-made cats do by saying it is “their behavior”. YOU created their behavior through selective breeding. YOU created their existence in the environment everywhere on earth by dumping them where they never belonged in the first place. YOU ARE YOUR CATS’ DAMAGE. (You fucking idiot and moron.)

                      The humans posing the greatest danger to all wildlife on earth are those that promote the existence of house-cats. People who let cats stray are just as much the cause of habitat destruction and other causes as those who don’t promote the existence of cats. Add promoting a man-made predator like cats into human behavior and those humans who promote cats are now killing all native wildlife around the whole planet on the order of nearly 1000X’s more than those humans who don’t promote cats. You can’t blame all other reasons on everyone else. You are also the cause of those, plus you torture to death billions of animals yearly with your cats. In the lower-48 states of the USA alone, you are torturing to death 2.4 billion (2,400 million) birds and 12.3 billion (12,300 million) other animals to death YEARLY. That’s 6.6 MILLION birds PER DAY and 33.7 MILLION other animals PER DAY. You are, without any doubt left in the known universe, the MOST destructive and despicable humans anywhere on earth.

  5. Thanks to the loving efforts of Judy Lynn and Carol’s Ferals bringing much publicity to this situation, all residents for miles around the area are now on a free-reign cat-hunt to shoot and kill any free roaming cat. Now she won’t have to worry about them being trapped, they’re all already dead, plus hundreds of thousands more are dead on top of the few she was hoping to save, but failed. You can thank Judy Lynn and yourselves for this.

      • The only thing that these “I love cats” cyber-bullying campaigns are accomplishing is teaching everyone else to kill any cat they see before some “no-kill” cat-lover spots it. Should they find a frozen-dead cat on your property, cat-lovers will also drag you through their social-media mud just like they are doing to the owners of Sandy Pines, or anywhere they find a dead cat that died by any means.

        The ONLY lesson you are teaching everyone is to kill and safely dispose of any stray cat before a cat-lover makes your life a living hell too.

        People are wising-up. If ANY cats are around they destroy every last one of them first, before they make any other move. Before you cyber-bullying cat-lovers can do anything about it to try to destroy and waste everyone’s lives even more than you already have with your vermin cats. Not quite the results that you sociopaths had intended but that’s what you’re getting.

        Now do you see the logic? It’s far far easier, simpler, and less costly on everyone’s life to kill ALL stray cats than to deal with you and your cats.

  6. This is absolutely horrifying. I would never ever visit any establishment if I was aware that feral cats or any animals were being treated inhumanely. I hope that management has a turnaround in their thoughts and actions very soon. I really hope the law gets involved. It sounds like someone is being paid to keep Sandy Pines under the radar. 😱😠😢

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