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Sandy Pines Recreational Community kick allegation of cat cruelty into the long grass — 15 Comments

  1. How cruel it is to even see those cute babies in a cage. Why people would do that. These people have no humanly felt. I feel bad for cats. And I feel even more bad for those people who have this kind of practice mentality. Such a sick headed people.

  2. I realize it’s easier said than done, but if any residents of the local area of Sandy Pines are able to monitor the situation, and keep people informed via POC or social media, I believe that would help a great deal. Maybe even filing a complaint with the management, however useless it is, would continue to keep them aware that people are aware of this monstrosity. It is good to bring this subject up again, and to keep us reminded of other trespasses by greedy organizations against the best interest of animals.

  3. But it’s perfectly legal and humane for anyone who practices TNR or RTF (return to field, pulling tame cats from shelters and setting them free in remote locations, a common practice promoted by HSUS and ASPCA) to allow cats to freeze to death–and worse.

    Why the glaring double-standard all of a sudden? You yourself promote TNR. Are you now saying that TNR is inhumane and illegal?

    • You are mixed up I am afraid to say. It is not legal to trap cats and let the cat die in the trap as I have stated. This is not a double standard. If released cats under a TNR program die because of disease etc.. that is nature. But to negligently or malicously leave a cat in a trap that you have set is animal cruelty. Common sense. And if you can’t grasp that I feel sorry for you. You must be mentally deficient.

    • This is flat-out false.
      It is either a lie or the poster is misinformed.
      Pulling cats from a shelter and setting them free is NOT a TNR strategy or practice. Nor does HSUS or ASPCA condone or approve of such practices.

        • Troll? lol!
          Common practice?
          Please show us ANY TNR site that advocates pulling shelter-cats and releasing them into the wild.
          Just one will do. But since you have plenty…

          • Their motives are simple: the more suffering-to-death cats people find outdoors, the more near-death cats they can exploit in social-media for donations. Then there’s all the scum-of-the-earth veterinarians make a HUGE profit every time someone drags in another TNR cat they previously sterilized (for profit) and someone scraped-up off the pavement to fix them up (again)–then throw them back outside (again) so they can do it (again) in another few months exploiting the very same cat. Are you all this daft about why they promote and practice TNR and RTF? I guess so.

            Hey? What happened to that $64,000 in donations for that reward for that one mangled cat? And that “private investigator” that ran another many $thousands of dollars donation scam on that very same maimed and injured cat?

            There’s $thousands to be made on every outdoor cat that gets maimed and injured if you dump it outdoors–no matter how you try to justify it.

            Do it some more, then feel good about yourselves.

            • I am in two minds to publish your comment but I will. I will say that it is obviously highly biased and patently incorrect.

  4. The recreational area Sandy Pines says it is not Cruelty for a PARK RANGER (public servant paid by tax payers) to allow cats to freeze or starve to death . Humm that’s not Cruelty when people are being arrested for letting their animals suffer in this cold winter. Also Sandy Pines will not answer the question of what they have been doing with the cats the PARK RANGERS have been TRAPPING! I would suggest getting local media involved it is the only thing that seems to hold people accountable!

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