“Sandy” UK’s most overlooked rescue cat

This is unfair. Sandy is “furgotten” and he shouldn’t be. It shows us that life can be competitive in a shelter. Sandy is one of 15 most overlooked cats in the UK. It is time someone came forward and offered him a home. He deserves it.

unwanted rescue cat Sandy

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Sandy is at Katz Castle, Cobham. Cobham is within the M25 motorway and south west of London. He has been there for over a year. He is not that far from me to be honest.  I might ring them up and see if they will let me do some cat photography of him to make him look as glamorous as possible.

Carol of Katz Castle is keen for Sandy to find a nice home. He was rescued as a stray cat living near a main road. He recently escaped the shelter and returned to his old territory. Carol fears for his safety because it is a dangerous area.

So why is Sandy “on the cat shelter shelf”? Well, he is a bit nervous because he was mistreated. He doesn’t like being picked up. He needs to be an only cat with no other animals in the home.

“He is never going to be a “pick up and squeeze” kind of cat but he loves people and will happily potter about in other people’s company” Carol said.

Ginger tabby-and-white male cats are usually fine characters. I sure he’d improve and become more trusting in a loving home. He is still fairly young at 5-years-of-age.

One of the problems with cats that have been overlooked for whatever reason, and the reasons are often unjustified, is that once they are overlooked and become long stay cats that simple fact can present a big barrier to adoption as people will ask themselves why has he been stuck at the shelter for so long.

Call 01923 864232 to adopt him or visit the website at: http://www.katzcastle.co.uk/

You’ll see Sandy on the home page. He is sure to find a human companion now, isn’t he?

4 thoughts on ““Sandy” UK’s most overlooked rescue cat”

  1. A lot of mine have been adopted sight unseen as “the oldest” or “most nervous” or “most overlooked” but with the proviso that they can adapt to other cats in the household (and all of them have). The current 3 were “owner died, no room at shelter, you’re their last hope” adopted from a friend of a former colleague via phone call.

    Given time, Sandy would probably overcome his nervousness and bond with a single person.

  2. Sandy reminds me of my girl Samirah. He’s 5. She’s 15. Otherwise they have the exact same personality: nervous because they were mistreated, not a cuddle cat, needs to be the only cat in the house but is really sweet once they settle in.


    I really hope you get the chance to help him, Michael. It takes only one photo and the right person to see it. Samirah stayed in the shelter for a year too. She was a lobby cat, and she was always passed over because she was not as outgoing as the other cats and she was waiting for her first owner to come get her. And you know what got her out? Her photo online. I saw her posing with her forepaws daintily crossed like a society matron at a tea party. I asked the photographer and she said Samirah (Cherub) posed like that all on her own. It’s a shame, people love the kittens, but not so much as the cats get older.

    I don’t have a FB page, but I have no problem posting Sandy’s photo on Twitter or Pinterest.

  3. I just posted this on my FB page. Would loyal POC readers do the same? Let’s get this boy a home! This is the wording of my post: “Why doesn’t anyone want me? I feel sad about not having a real home, and having to live in a shelter.
    I’m a good boy, and all I need is a chance to be someone’s only cat. Even though I was abused, I believe that there’s someone out there that would love me, and not hurt me. I haven’t lost hope, but it gets harder every day.”

  4. He needs to be on Facebook. There has been much success by simply posting their pictures and story. Ask everyone to like and share.

    I think it would be wonderful if you could do some photos of him, and post on your FB site. I will post and share with friends.


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