Santa Clarita 911: Bonded ginger beauties will be taken to the shelter because the new puppy doesn’t like them

This is a cat emergency taking place in Santa Clarita, California. Located north of Los Angeles, a Santa Clarita family recently adopted a new puppy into the family.

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Instead of giving the puppy and the adult cats time to tolerate each other, the family has decided to take both cats to the local shelter this weekend. Many comments have come in on the Facebook thread announcing they need a forever home but no one has actually stepped up to help.

If you can offer these cats a home please contact Carrie Eubanks Vallego via Facebook (link listed above).

You can also help by sharing this heartbreaking story with friends and family in the Los Angeles area and by contacting any animal rescues in the area who may have space for them. Being turned in at a shelter as an “owner surrender” means they could be killed at any time.

Note: I’m just spreading the word and have no direct contact with Carrie or the no-good family who decided to dump these poor cats.


7 thoughts on “Santa Clarita 911: Bonded ginger beauties will be taken to the shelter because the new puppy doesn’t like them”

  1. BTW Michael the R word is no longer used to describe someone with an actual disability. It’s a good word to recycle and be used on idiots like this. Which is how most people use it anyway. Will the dog go when they get a new sofa and the puppy doesn’t match ? Worse than being dumped at a shelter is the possibility of them being separated. Your home becomes your pets home when you decide to get one. They then have a right not only to expect your love and food but to live there. You have agreed to share you home with them for life. If you move you move as a family. Getting rid of your cats because they don’t mix with the puppy ? pure BS

  2. I would love to know what is going through their minds. I find it very hard to understand the thinking behind pet owners such as these. As another person who commented said, they don’t deserve to have a companion dog or cat.

    Beautiful cats. They should find a home.

  3. Those people can go to hell. I pray these dear animals find a truly good home this time. I think it also shows the biases of young vs old, dog versus cat.

  4. I’m sickened by this. I, honestly, don’t know what else to say about low life people like this.
    I hope they were blasted on FB.

    • I posted the article to the crossposting groups as well as the senior groups. I know a few are actively trying to get the cats to safety.


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