Santa Paws passed us by this year: Sir Hubble Pinkerton and Edgar Allen Poe to the rescue!

One of the things I enjoy the most about this time of the year is the anticipation and excitement I always feel as I slowly survey the pile of tantalizing, beautifully wrapped holiday gifts which are so mysterious and alluring. However, what delights me even more is getting to watch that pile of presents grow exponentially.

Christmas gifts and Oriental SH cat

Photo: Sir Hubble Pinkerton Photo Credit: Jo Singer

While I do my best not to peek at the To: From: tags attached to the boxes, this year I couldn’t control my curiosity at all. So rather sheepishly I finally gave in to temptation. And as I read the labels I must admit that I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I found.

It seems that when Santa Paws made an early visit, he left far more presents for our cats and only a few for my husband Marty and me. To say that I was stunned with these findings would be a huge understatement. After all, Marty and I have truly been on our best behavior this year, which I cannot in all honesty compare to the rather rowdy deportment of our kitties. In fact, our behavior was far superior to theirs. I ask you – how could Santa Paws make such a grievous error in his assessment of the situation? Both Marty and I were definitely feeling a bit “ripped off”.

That was until I discovered a second pile of holiday gifts that were carefully stashed into a remote corner of the room. What drew my attention to this pile was the very bizarre and unique way the presents were wrapped. Some were wrapped in paper towels; others were incredulously dressed up in toilet paper. The “handwriting” on the labels on the packages was hardly legible. But with a lot of patience and PURRsistence, I was finally able to decipher the hastily scribbled letters.

Much to my surprise and incredible joy, it turned out that all of them were holiday gifts from the cats to Marty and me. The To: read “Meowmee and Dady” and the From: read, “Hubel and Eger Alen Po”, (spelled incorrectly – with most of the letters backwards and upside down).

As I got to thinking about why our kitties were presenting us with this treasure trove of gifts, I came up with the theory that they were very, very sad that Santa Paws had completely overlooked us; especially since Marty and I had been so very well behaved this year. They obviously couldn’t stand to see our tear-stained cheeks while we were helping the kitties open their presents- with hardly anything for us to unwrap.

But the greatest and most important gift that “keeps on giving” all year round is being owned by Sir Hubble Pinkerton and Edgar Allen Poe; two of the most compassionate, loving and thoughtful kitties one could ever want. We are so grateful that they found us and have chosen to grace our hearts and home.

What are you most grateful for about your kitties this holiday season? Tell us in a comment.

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3 Responses

  1. Iniki says:

    We are grateful that we will be celebrating Christmas with our fur kids. They learned their emergency lessons well and when disaster struck they responded to their names and survived the fire. That is our biggest present this year. That we are all together. Tell Hubble and Edgar that we send our love and head bonkers. Sending our love to you and Marty to of course. >^.,.^<

  2. jmuhj says:

    Very cute and funny article, Jo! For those celebrating holidays in this season, wishing you all the best. For those of us who don’t have holidays now, our greatest gifts include the love of our treasured cats.

  3. Vicki says:

    What a great story.Since I don’t have cats any longer, I would still like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

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