Santa Squirrel (photo)

Make of it what you will. I have seen a few fat squirrels lately. Is this preparation for hibernation? No, grey squirrels don’t hibernate, which means he is a glutton. As it is Christmas, it made sense to make him a Santa Squirrel.

What is the connection to cats? My cat Gabriel likes to chatter at him through the window. Gabriel is about ready to explore the outside. I think I will go out with him on a lead after his has been vaccinated which is scheduled for January 2015.

6 thoughts on “Santa Squirrel (photo)”

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen a squirrel that fat. Aside from the tail, he/she looks more like a prairie dog. Squirrels visit my garden sometimes to steal the fat balls I put out for the birds. I didn’t know who the culprit was until one morning I spied a squirrel running along the top of the fence with a fat ball tucked under their arm.

    Apparently grey squirrels build up extra layers of fat ready for the winter. Perhaps they are more accurate weather predictors than the human professionals, as it’s being suggested we’re in for a very cold spell with snow in some areas.

    • I think I am the culprit who has inadvertently made him obese (temporarily as you say). I feed the birds and this guy knows how to eat from the bird feeder – upside down. He has enough fat to last the winter.

    • Yes, Rudolph, I took the photo from the bedroom window (Gabriel was chattering at the squirrel) and then Photoshopped it by adding the Father Christmas hat. But the squirrel’s obesity is real. That is how he actually looks.

      Because the squirrel was so fat I thought he looked like Father Christmas.

      It is quite easy to do the whole thing.

      I think he is the fattest squirrel I have seen. It may be my fault because I feed the birds and this squirrel (I believe) hangs upside down on the bird feeder and eats the seed.

  2. VERY cute! They are known to hoard nuts for the winter. However, I’ve never seen a squirrel nearly as fat as the one in your photo.
    From my knowledge of captive sand cats, they eat more when the weather gets colder and their fur gets thicker which gives the appearance of a very fat little sand cat. Come spring they shed the undercoat fur like crazy.
    Perhaps it is the same with the squirrels.

    • I think you’re right Debra. They get fat for winter as a precaution against a shortage of food. Also I feed the birds here and the squirrels eat more of the bird seed than the birds so I am at least partly to blame for this obese squirrel.


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