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Sarah Hartwell’s Cat Mr Minns — 12 Comments

  1. Hello to Sarah,

    You appear to be the expert on male calico’s/chimara’s. I have a ~ five month old Male Maine Coon with normal appearing male genetialia. His name is Kapakai (all mixed up in Hawaiian)
    Tag. Picture attached. I will send in for genetic testing and curious about any other action I need to take to keep him in the records as it sounds like a rare cat.

    Linda from Kokuakats

    • Sarah is a cat genetics expert certainly. If you want Sarah to receive your comment make a comment in reply to hers and refer in that comment to your other comments. Comments that are responses to existing comments are sent to the person by email.

  2. How old is Mr. Minns?
    My guess is that he is around 15.
    He’s adorable. I love old cats (new cats, stray cats, feral cats, handicapped cats, not-so-pretty cats…)
    I love that pic. He has a cataract on that right eye; but, it would be far too risky to do surgwery at his age.

  3. Nice photo! Kitty came out of her “den” when I returned home from the station. They’ve both insisted on extra food for being on their best behaviour.

    Minns put on 200 grammes in 3 weeks since starting thyroid treatment and will probably put on another 500 grammes or so. He’s also diabetic so the medication is a juggling act. One eye is cloudy due to a long ago injury so he’s partially sighted on that side. His neck currently looks scrawny and scruffy due to being shaved for the last blood test 3 weeks ago. Vet nurses believe his name is short for “Beast of Bodmin” as he tries to draw their blood in return.

    The predecessor to the Messybeast site was way, way back in 1996 on AOL when there were almost no cat websites run from the UK.

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