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Sasha & Chilli in Watercolour Pencils

Sasha & Chilli in Watercolour Pencils

by Tracy Louisa Steel
(Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom)



Hi I just got back into painting this week and need a little practice but I love my cats so I started with them.

This is my beautiful tabby Sasha and my ginger tom Chilli.

Update: the photos of Chilli and Sasha

Hi Tracy.. Thanks for showing us your art! We get very few people doing this so I am pleased to publish.

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Tell us a bit about your cats, why you like working in watercolour pencil and whether you do any other form of art.

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Sasha & Chilli in Watercolour Pencils

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Mar 07, 2011 Maggie & Chilli
by: Tracy

Aww, maggie I love 'Chilby-Bilby' hee hee, so cute! It is a small world...very cute names though! 🙂 x

Mar 07, 2011 AWESOME!
by: Tracy

Hey TLC, thank you! love TLS xoxoxo

Mar 03, 2011 Tracy
by: Maggie

Hi Tracy,

What cute nicknames!! My Chilli has 'Chilli Bean', 'Chilby Bilby', and 'Chilli Chicken' just to name a few.

Like your Chilli, my Chilli also has a sister called Pepper! (Small world, isn't it!)

Mar 01, 2011 AWESOME!
by: TracyLC

THESE ARE FABULOUS!!! The eyes are gorgeous! Nice work, TLS!

Mar 01, 2011 Awesome paintings
by: Tracy

Hi Ruth, thank you for your lovely comments, I just paint from the heart and they really didn't take very long, and I haven't painted for so many years. I see the soul in every living creature on Earth, this is what makes us one. Cats have particularly lovely and amusing personalities. love and light xxx

Mar 01, 2011 Awesome paintings
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

You have such a great talent! There is something about the watercolors of the cats that is so much more, so much better than photographs. Your artist's eye is able to perceive the soul of your subjects and bring out personality and so much more in the paintings. I couldn't do it myself in a million years, but I do really enjoy looking at good art work. Thanks so much for sharing!

Feb 28, 2011 Sasha & Chilli-Willi
by: Tracy

Lol, I am glad they made you smile Anna. Yes, I have a couple of rare pictures with them together, I'll find one that is paintable. Chilli had a sister called Pepper, she was a little Black and White sweetheart, I will paint her and one of her with Chilli, they were adorable together. Pepper disappeared. I miss her terribly but I think she was an angel or something and not meant to be a cat. Chilli often pounces on Sasha and she plays too rough for him so they avoid each other, although a couple of times I have caught them nose-touching in a friendly way and blinking kisses at each other.

You are right about the eyes, I did go a bit mental with them but I love cats eyes they are so deep!

Feb 28, 2011 Make the world smile:-)
by: Anna

Thanks, Tracy:
Chilli and Sasha turned my heart into a smiley face:-) Great story.
Photos are wonderful, very recognizable. You definitely added a little more of your own personality to Sasha, right? To her eyes definitely:-)
Any pictures of Sasha and Chilli-Willi together?

Feb 28, 2011 Chilli
by: Tracy

Hi Maggie, Thank you! I will add more once I have painted some more. I have some great photos of them which I want to attempt. Yeah, Chilli is a fab name...he gets called all sorts of variants like; Chilli-Willi, Chill-Pill and 'Chilli-Willi from Caerphilly' is my favorite although he does look slightly puzzled at that one, ha ha ha! (yes, I am bonkers).

Feb 27, 2011 Mischievous
by: Tracy

Hi Anna, Awesome, they like it :0) I think Chilli would like New York! Yes, Sasha is Mischievous bless her..this was from a photo and she was being playful at the time. They don't stay still enough for me to paint them unless they are asleep so I use a photo.

Sasha is now 14. I rescued her from a rescue home when she was 3, she had been abused and was frightened but she learned to trust again and became the most loving little tabby. She does have a slight ferrel nature to her, like when playing she doesn't link claws to being 'ouch' for humans, lol!

Chilli is 4, he is a monkey-cat...climbs and jumps lots and he chats a lot and sings. He also nags for cuddles like all the time which is sweet, apart from when you are on the phone and he decides to try and claw the phone out of your hand, lol! Oh and he likes to be walked about on your shoulders.

Feb 26, 2011 Mischievous Sasha
by: Anna

Hello from New York, Tracy:
Your kitties are now internationally well known:-)
Sasha has a mischievous look though, what was she doing while you were drawing her portrait?
Tell us more about both of them ,please. I don't mind watercolors:-).
Thank you so much!

Feb 26, 2011 Tracy
by: Maggie

Hi Tracy, your pictures are great! I would love to see some more.

I think you also have a great taste in cat names! (I have a Chilli too!)

Feb 26, 2011 Tracy
by: Maggie

Hi Tracy, your pictures are great! I would love to see some more.

I think you also have a great taste in cat names! (I have a Chilli too!)

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