Sasha My Turkish Angora

Sasha My Turkish Angora

by Ruby
(Damascus – Syria)

Sasha on the Balcony

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Sasha on the Balcony

I have a white Turkish Angora named Sasha with yellow eyes. He is deaf, though :(. He is so affectionate and curious. I've had cats before but he's something else. He's two years old and he's stubborn, likes attention.

I have noticed that his eating habits are a bit strange as he tends to be a vegetarian.

His treat, when he's being a good cat, is a plate of yellow corn! He goes crazy for it!

He also likes mushroom and vegetables, but not as much as corn!!

He likes to eat beans as well. Has anyone had the same experience???

I love this cat, he's very friendly, not snobby at all, likes human contact so much that he sleeps in my arms at night.

He goes and sits on the laps of many of my friends even if they don't play with him, so they automatically fall in love with him.

I recommend this cat breed to everybody.


Hi...Ruby You are our first visitor from Syria to share experiences on this site. Fantastic.

Sasha just looks adorable. Heavens, I would like to stroke him and have him sit on my lap.

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Sasha My Turkish Angora

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Jan 03, 2011 Not surprised
by: Özge

Hi I am new on this site.
I have to say that i am not surprised hearing a cat eating vegetables. I have a Turkish Angora too. My cat "Sakız" does not interested in fish or chickhen but gets crazy when she sees a tomato. She eats strawberry, watermelon, tangerine, tomato, cherry...

Mar 27, 2010 Maybe it's the sweetness
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Ruby. He looks so excellent and from what you tell he also has a great personality - thank you for sharing him with us.
The Eastern Mediterranean area was probably the craddle of all domestic cats. You're not that far away from Eastern Turkey, so I wonder whether semi-longhair Van and Angora type cats are common in Damascus?
I too have never met cats that were vegetarians, but some learn to like sweet things (if we allow them), so maybe it's the sweetness of the yellow corn that attracts him?

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Mar 23, 2010 Sasha , turkish Angora.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

A beautiful cat and for the first time in my life i am reading about a "vegetarian Cat". Agreed, cats can be put on a forced "Vegetarian Diet" as are some "dogs" owned by "Vegetarian Pet owners", but, a cat voluntarily eating "Vegetarian Food' is something abnormal. All "Carnivores" are by instinct "Non-Vegetarians" unless brought up on a diet of "Vegetarianism" since birth by its human owners, something common in India.

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