Saudades Mr No Ears by Carol Lee is a must-read for feral colony caregivers

First of all, let me say the book review of Saudades Mr No Ears (published in 2017) was done without compensation from writer Carol Lee. I obtained my Kindle copy free of charge on my Kindle Unlimited reading plan. This book is a must-read for feral colony caregivers.

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Michael (PoC) has previously written two articles on a semi-feral cat known as Mr No Ears. First documenting his abduction in 2016 then his reported death in 2017. He also did a review on the book I’m reviewing in this article (to understand my review, Michael’s review is a must-read).

Being a former feral colony caregiver I see things differently than Michael. His review goes more into the description of Mr No Ears and his basic life and abduction.

I came into this review knowing very little. I’d heard of Mr No Ears but never followed his story.  Mr No Ears was an unforgettable cat, along with his entire colony family.

As I read the book I could picture his semi-feral family and how the colony was treated differently than the typical feral colony. Since they didn’t go into hiding at the sight of humans. Mr No Ears, in particular, was known for taking treats and allowing belly rubs by the strangers who offered him tasty morsels.

Mr No Ears reminded me of a former colony cat named Buttercup whom I cared for between 2014 and 2018 until he left to await a barn home. I believe Saudades Mr No Ears is an entertaining read for anyone who cares for a feral colony. A feral cat caregiver will more likely than not subconsciously compare the Mr No Ears family to their own colony.

The book is written in an easy to read form that isn’t too long and isn’t too short. The editing (and I’m a HUGE critic of mistakes in spelling and grammar as I read a Kindle book) is perfect and the character description of the different cats in the Mr No Ears colony is spot-on.

Each chapter features a statement made by someone who knew his story and loved him and his little family along with a photograph of Mr No Ears or one of his feral family.

A fundraiser is currently being held to build a sanctuary in Mr No Ears hometown of Albufeira, Portugal. At the helm of this project will be Solange Dias. The funds have already been raised for the registration of the MR NO EARS CAT HAVEN/ABRIGO PARA GATOS SR.SEM ORELHAS. Now they need your help with construction costs.

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2 thoughts on “Saudades Mr No Ears by Carol Lee is a must-read for feral colony caregivers”

  1. Great article, Elisa. I came across Mr. No Ears’ Facebook page shortly after it first appeared in 2014. I was mesmerized, and followed him throughout his journey. This all white, one-eyed, earless cat is a special soul. He came to us with an important message, about the need for human compassion and understanding of all feral cats around the world. There will never be another mancat like him. Mr. No Ears holds a very special place in my heart.

    I love you to infinity, Mr. No Ears.😢💜💜🐾


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