Savannah Cat Assists Children

by Deborah-Ann Milette
(New York)

Photo by Kathrin Stucki.  A1Savannahs gave him the learning tool with their own children, I ran with it.

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Photo by Kathrin Stucki. A1Savannahs gave him the learning tool with their own children, I ran with it.

Motzie, my F2 Savannah cat, belongs to the people. He is a Savannah cat that assists children. I am sure by now the world probably knows that Motzie & Peanut are at my breeder's until I move to another state (again.) I had also written a true story about one of Motzie's reading program children. Well, my phone has been ringing off the table (it's only cellular) for Motzie's assistance for their children to read to Motzie. Well, how do you explain that Motzie is not wanted in the state of New York by all of the people at the Department of Environment because of, what I consider to be dumb Senators & Legislators. I am now assuming that they need Motzie's reading assistance but have declared him illegal.

According to the Federal government, Motzie's mother (an F-1) was legal as a domestic. USDA inspects any facility licensed by them. They want to inspect only the "true exotics," NOT F-1 through whatever, they are domestic.

It is difficult to explain the situation to more than 25 very angry parents with hope in their eyes for their children to learn, to love, to read, that Motzie will not be able to return unless the law is changed. Now I have made up packets with lobbying ideas for the parents to contact their Senators and Legislator, and encourage them to sponsor a bill in both houses so that Motzie can return.

Until then we are basically considered outlaws until the law is changed. Maybe people loosing something they now consider valuable for the education of their children, will wake up the citizens of New York to the stupidity and pay attention to laws being created to destroy our relationship with any kind of animal.

Motzie has become the ambassador for the Savannah breed and for any animal in the state of New York he has become the heart breaker for it's the elderly that Motzie loved to go and visit. And he was a dear reading partner to many children that will never forget the "Biggest Cool Cat" to read to.

Maybe this is what it takes to wake up a state?? A Big Cat with a BIG Heart who gave to the people proving that I may own him BUT that he belongs to the people.

Deborah-Ann Milette

Savannah Cat Assists Children to Savannah Cat

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Savannah Cat Assists Children

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Jan 08, 2011 legislation
by: Warren Kennady Sale III

I pray that your cat is able to LEGALLY socialize with whom he wishes.

Aug 28, 2009 Savannah Cat
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Seeing "Motzie" on a leash akin to a pet dog is really a sight of natural beauty. In India cats have not yet been recognised as a "Show Breed" pet unlike dogs, hence there are no "Pedigree Certificates" for cats. As an Indian i am surprised at the popularity as well as breeding of exotic cat species like the "Savannah Cat", besides, the rules of the "American Laws" for keeping exotic hybrid cats as "Domestic Pets"..Thanks for the information.

Aug 28, 2009 Hi Debbie
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Thanks for a very interesting story. I changed the title because it will help the story to be found by the search engines and also I didn't know that Motzie was involved with working with children. When you have time perhaps you might like to tell us about that.

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  1. Motzie never acted like a cat he was a feline humphrey bogard full of respect and love . This is no mean animal and i have yet to find a savannah that was all are so easy to love friendly and ready to please even a stranger Missy loves you Motzi

  2. I am sorry to inform everyone that the Ambassador for the Savannah breed went to Rainbow Bridge at the age of 9.8 years from a valiant fight for many years against melamine poisoning from Nutro pet food in New York. Cornell Animal Hospital tried all they could as well as my vet’s DVMb John & Brent Link at Deer Creek Animal Hospital in Harrah, Oklahoma.
    Motzie helped to stop many hybrid banning laws in several states, did pet therapy with children & the elderly. Reading Programs with children, was my personal Emotional Support Animal and an Ambassador for his breed visiting Stuttgart, Germany showing the German state vet’s they are just gentle giants. He was supposed to visit Italy and Cyprus, sadly that will not happen.
    May 29th which would have been his 10th birthday TICA cat show in Muskogee, Oklahoma has dedicated the show in his honor and an Ward is to be presented in his honor.
    The USA lost an amazing ani.AL that gave his life to the people. Rest in peace Motzie your work is done and well earned.


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