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Savannah Cat Photograph — 10 Comments

  1. I have to stop fooling around. I got a less than a day to finish my final exam website, but I needed a break. What a beautiful beast. That picture demands to be made into a poster! Wow, just so amazingly animated.

  2. Michael, it’s a treat to see an F1, or F2, from A1, after not hearing anything for so long. That plane flying overhead…are they in a direct military flight zone over the breeding ground for A1 Savannahs just outside of Ponca City? She is a beauty!
    I am certain that Kathrin and Martin said that declawing was not allowed.
    what is going on here? THanks in advance for any info…

    • Regarding that serval cat whose name I recall is, Serena, I actually met the former owner of her who I think was working at A1 Savannah at the time but didn’t discuss with her the reasons why she had declawed her serval. I raised the issue very briefly with Kathrin Stucki and she expressed surprise that the cat was declawed but to be honest I think she knew already but had agreed to look after this cat in one of her enclosures. The enclosures are about 40′ x 20′. Kathrin, I believe was always concerned about the lack of space but there were larger than the enclosures and cages use by the founder of the breed.

    • I hope she had a home that cared for her and understood her. I don’t know where she lives. Probably a nice home with an experienced cat caretaker. Sometimes these cats end up overseas in the Middle East etc. where there is sufficient wealth to provide good facilities and where they are status symbols.

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