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These are pictures of Titan and Magic, possibly the two best Savannah cats at the date of this post. They are certainly the best known Savannah cats. They are both first filial wild cat hybrids (first generation from the wild – a serval was their father). I have cropped the original pictures heavily to create simple close ups of these two great cats. Magic is probably the world’s best known domestic cat. I have written about the Savannah cat extensively. This page covers this glamorous cat.

An interesting aspect of the pictures which are copyright A1 Savannahs is that they were all taken at the Marland Estate, Ponca City, OK, USA. For that reason I have included a picture of the estate mansion in the gallery and you can read my brief description if you click on the picture.

Please click on the pictures to be taken to large format versions.

The Marland Estate is a sort of palace in Ponca City! It is incongruous but glamorous. The interior is like a European palace. Oil wealth built it in the late 1920s.

It should be noted that there are not that many first generation Savannah cats around. These two are rare. Normally people adopt 4th and 5th generation cats.

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  1. Browsing through the Internet while awaiting my delayed flight from Colombo to Chennai due to cyclonioc weather conditions in Chennai.Thanks to “P.O.C” have at least got to see the photos of these unique cats having a Indian link in their name. At the Colombo zoo had the opportunity to view a “Wild Cat”, ” spotted Cat”and a “fishing cat”.Even in their small enclosures these wild beasts looked majestic and powerfull.

    • I have played with an F1 kitten called Focus and they are special cats. They genuinely have a wild appearance while being very sweet cat companions. Titan has a very sweet voice. Quite high pitched.

      F1 Savannah kitten FOCUS

      • I like this pic in the comments of the kitten too. Not to sound corny but he does look quite focused though right – and quite clever or adult looking for a kitten. Maybe these wild kittens are more able and clever than domestic ones. Lets face it, human babies are about the most useless or all the newborns throughout all the species. Thats why I suspect a wild cat, which has less to do with humans, is probably more intelligent by virtue of having to be in order to survive. Maybe in 1000 more years domesticated cat’s kittens will have to be put in special pens incase they walk of the edge of high surfaces or throw themselves into the bath. Culture does have an incredible effect on the living being, of making it forget its own true nature.


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