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  1. Savannah Cat rescuers are real heroes. This have been my favoriute since I was a kid. We hade one for some time at my place in Southern Sweden. Great article!

  2. I’ve done research on savanna cats. I feel that an F2 would be the perfect match for our family.
    We have an 8 year old son who loves to run and play. The kitty will never be bored.

    • Sounds good. The F2 is a fantastic cat. Really classy. The best know and largest F2 Savannah and at one time the world’s largest domestic cat is Motsie.

      Click on this link to see him. There are other pages on PoC about him. Please use the search facility to find them.

    • Did you contact the listed places? This page was built ages ago so perhaps some of these places have closed operations. I don’t know but I wish you the best of luck. You have to look after the cat when you get one though. No cat is “free”. It can be quite expensive caring for a cat or cats properly over the lifetime of the cat.

  3. I have a beautiful 1 1/2 year old Golden Retriever who was raised with a Savannah cat until we adopted her into our lives. She has never forgotten her feline friend and loves to watch internet videos of Savannahs. We would love to welcome a Savannah that needs a loving home. Our home is a large colonial that has a wonderful glassed-in sun porch just waiting for a sleepy feline to enjoy!

  4. Me wife & I are retiring in October. I am seeking an F2 Savannah as a pet & member of our family. The pet must love to travel via auto since we go between our houses in Florida & Connecticut. We have had several pets (Dogs & Cats). My best friend ever was my cat “NEMO”, very smart, trusting and a loyal 25 lbs short haired domestic. He died several years ago. Still miss him.

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