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Savannah Cat Video Player – the best Savannah cat videos in one. Select the video from the right hand side navbar in the player. The player has been changed over time so please read this….

Update June 2015 TIP: To see a visual list of the videos click on the “Playlist” top left of the video screen…

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4 thoughts on “Savannah Cat Video Player”

  1. Sorry for remaining here on this old posting, but I am so despairing of this major change. It leaves me feeling so sad. Michael, please tell me what has happened to the staff and the cats/queens/servals…do you have info on which ones went with the Stucki family? Thank you for any information that you feel comfortable posting. 🙂

    • Sorry for not responding. The new owner likes hunting. I hate that. I didn’t know and still don’t know what happened to the staff or the cats etc..

  2. I was just rewatching “Savannah Cat” video and stopped it at 0:34 in awe of the F1 and Serval sitting side-by-side in that special pose. Thank you, Michael, for producing those and putting them up. It motivated me to return the the Stucki’s website, and was shocked, dismayed to see that it has been sold to the Engsters? Is this true? TIA, Cal

    • Yes, they sold the business. They first sold half the business and took time off and bought a yacht in Australia. I guess they went the whole way and decided a change was needed. They are friends of mine but it was too far for me to go to visit them more than twice.

      I might do a short post on it.


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