Savannah Kittens at Play and Sleep

by Michael
(Ponca City, OK)

I cannot avoid showing visitors some photos of Savannah kittens at play and sleep. Kittens do these two things and then they eat and then….you know what. That is their life.

The following are pure balls of fur and fluff style pictures. But these kittens are so adorable, so vulnerable. For me it is their vulnerability that makes me feel protective of them.

But I am probably overly sensitive to a cat’s vulnerability.

Here is the first photograph. It is of one year old Savannah kittens. Utterly vulnerable….

One day old Savannah kittens curled up together

OK that should warm your heart and stimulate your motherly and fatherly instincts. Next up are F2 (second generation from the wild) Savannah kittens cuddling up asleep on a stool:

F2 Savannah kittens asleep together

Next is F2 Savannah kittens at play. The play can get pretty vigorous  but it is all play nonetheless:

F2 Savannah kittens at play

The theme that unites that these images is the symmetry between the kitten’s positions.

I hope that you like them.

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Savannah Kittens at Play and Sleep

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May 23, 2010 Wonderful kittens
by: Jan Plant

Oh what wonderful kittens.Just stu=nning colors.They look as soft as bbaby bunny fur,The pictures thenselves are excellent.Such glorious play! Thanks for sharing them!

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