Savannahs do need human bonding at a very early age.

by Deborah-Ann Milette
(New York, USA)

Motzie held by fellow exhibitor who adores the big boy!

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Motzie held by fellow exhibitor who adores the big boy!

Well, I am the owner of Motzie who IS classified as a Supreme because of the very high socialization skills he has with people due to how he was raised (bottled-fed baby.) IF it was not for that early dependence upon humans at an early age, Motzie could have been like many F-1 and F-2 Savannahs, scared of the public. You want a sheltered cat fine, then do your thing, but human socialization is extremely important at a very early age be it the human adult or child giving the attention they need.

Serval babies are taken away from mothers for human bonding and it is critical even for F-1, F-2 and very much worth the price. Unless you have tried this and found it different then lets meet at a show and compare my Motzie's social skills with people to your feline's. Throwing stones when this catterys method has worked since the late 1985's and the cats do sell out and have a waiting list every year, do you?

My F-3 is learning Motzie's skills walking on the leash and socializing with the sick and elderly, this is a breed that needs and thrives on pleasing their owner.

Deborah-Ann Milette

Savannahs do need human bonding at a very early age to Savannah cats

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Savannahs do need human bonding at a very early age.

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Jun 15, 2011 re
by: Anonymous

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Jun 10, 2009 My reply to yours
by: Deborah-Ann Milette

First of all the topic that started this whole thread was concerning the bottle-fed Savannah babies, so topic was/is concerning Savannahs. Someone blasts me for making reference to "sheltering" another words just keeping thier Savannahs to themselves in the home to do as other domestics do and not working at making the Savannah highly socialized like my breeder does, NO reference was made to actual shelters/rescue facilities.
MY TOTAL CHALLANGE WAS MADE TO THE OBIVIOUS Savannah owner that didn't have the nerve to post thier name, I challenged the Savannah owner to meet and see whose cat is more comfortable at the show hall. I don't see any references to calico, Bengal, Abby, whatever, my reference to a Savannah OWNER ONLY. I have seen many Savannah felines at a show cowering in a cage afraid to sleep or eat, this is stress at it's highest, NOT to socialize is wrong.
People in the cat world don't read anything and think before quickly pointing fingers. I find the domestic feline world more aggressive than the actual "true" exotic feline world, maybe because we could actually let our cats do the fighting for us (that's a joke or are you going to take this serious too?)

Jun 10, 2009 It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Excerpts from your post:

"You want a sheltered cat fine, then do your thing" - Not much room here for misunderstanding. It screams conceit.

"lets meet at a show and compare my Motzie's social skills with people to your feline's" - I daresay, my tortie vs. your serval, mine would win, hands down. No contest. Sounds conceited, doesn't it?

"cats do sell out and have a waiting list every year, do you?" - Why even pose this silly question? It sounds as if you think your feline is better than anyone else's. You may think it is and hooray for that; however, it doesn't read well.

I understand perfectly what you are trying to say; however, it is a rather stuck-up way of saying it. It read insulting to anyone without a Savannah, that's all.

Jun 10, 2009 I don't put down shelter cats in my article.
by: Deborah-Ann Milette

I didn't "poo poo" sheltered cats, I referred to cats that live in the home and people ignore/shelter them unless it is feeding time. I want people to learn and see that cats actually have personalities and it is up to the HUMAN to work at "bonding" with cats. They are a 50/50 cat; what you put into your cat is what you get back. So please don't take my words out of text please.
I have owned many strays, founds homes for strays and Motzie even helped to rescue kittens born outside and they have homes today. So read and understand what I write, thank you.

Jun 08, 2009 Savannah cat nice, but so are shelter cats
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Your Savannah is very nice, but please do not poo-poo shelter cats. That part of your post put me off.

My Sadie is a 15/year DSH Tortie who is extraordinary, particulary since she was shuffled around to three other homes before she ended up with me. Her life began at a shelter, was adopted by a woman who promptly became pregnant and gave her up to a co-worker who subsequently left the state for a job and couldn't keep her. My co-worker asked me if I knew of someone who wanted a cat and when I met Sadie, she continually tapped my ankle for attention and made it quite clear that I was the one to adopt her. Good choice! We've been together for over 10 years and she is absolutely in her "forever" home!

She is low-key, exceptionally affectionate, walks on a leash without a problem, comes when you call, follows me from room-to-room and understands everything said to her. When she feels like it, she even does tricks! I never make her do anything - she just does it to entertain herself and those around her. She even loves dogs! The vet is continually amazed at how affectionate she is, especially considering her history. No matter how much she is poked and prodded and given her shots, she just lays there and lets him do it without trying to get away.

Thank you for your information on the Savannah, but please do not sniff at shelter cats. I dare say I would compare my cat's behavior to yours any day of the week and would win out, hands down.

Jun 07, 2009 Response to last comment
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi, thanks for the comment. Hope you are keeping well. You'll find all the answers on this page. It is a cross between the Serval wild cat and a domestic cat. Prices vary (these are covered on this page too).

Jun 07, 2009 Savannah cats
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

I am hearing about this exotic cat breed for the first time and it does resemble a "Bengal cat" from photographs.
How much do these kittens cost and are they artificially bred?

Jun 07, 2009 Agreed
by: Anonymous

Hi, I agree with Debra. And Motzie is a super cat. Well said Debra.

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