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Saving Feral and Stray Cats in Florida; Please Help — 14 Comments

  1. Here are some links for organizations near you. Look around the sites, find phone numbers, and call. Tell them your dilemma and ask for help. If they can’t help directly, they may be able to tell you who can.

    • I have a reply to you but is awaiting moderation because I posted some links. You will be able to see it eventually.
      Please start making phone calls tomorrow. You will find the numbers when you go to the sites I posted.
      Be relentless.
      I’ll check back here tomorrow.

      • Thanks Dee. The comment is published and was held by the computer program (software) because it had links and the program thinks that links = spam. Thanks again Dee. You are a sweety.

  2. Kathleen, take a deep breath.
    Pick up the phone and call any vet or rescue group in the yellow pages and ask them where you can find the nearest animal group that is practicing TNR (trap, neuter, return). They are your best option as they may be willing to place your five in one or two of their colonies.
    I’m not sure where you are in Florida, but I may be able to better point you in the right direction if I knew. It would be helpful if I knew north, central, south. I am in central Florida.

    • Thank-you for your note.I have trying shelter in Florida an Georgia.My nearest shelter said they may have to close due to funding,than the cats will be killed..My vet Told me that the SAFE ANIMAL SHELTER are not a place to put your pets ”You need to ask around”! That is my delema. I have no where else to find.I feel like a murdera.This is to hard for me to handle,Thanks Kathleen

  3. I do not have a Camera.It has been broke my granchildren,sorry !I was going to take them to the VET on Thursday to be put to sleep. I have been trying for one year,posting signs, putting them in newspapers,even going door to door.My heart is brecking.I have never been so sorry.I love them like my children.That is hard to believe since I am going to do this,I cannot afford them.That is I know to say,Kathleen

    • I am buying a new camera today.Michael do you think posting these pictures will Help?? WHAT ARE THE ODDS,Thank you.My phone number if you need me is 904-272-2829

      • Hi Kathleen. Pictures always help (I think they are essential) so yes….but whether this website will get the job done is another matter. It may because we get quite a lot of hits (top 5 in the world cat website) and we can spread the word. I have some good networkers. The odds of getting them rehomed from this site is probably fairly small (not much of a chance) if I am being brutally honest but there is a chance.

        I wouldn’t buy a camera just for this reason unless it is a cheap one.

    • Kathleen, just hang in there a bit longer, please. I think if you put them to sleep it may hurt you.

      Dee in Florida has given you some good links. Try those and if you can get some pictures we can publish a page and I’ll get the network going.

      I ask Elisa Black-Taylor to comment too. She does not live in Florida but she networks well and may be able to help.

  4. I have five feral cats in my home. I have had them for years however I need to find homes for them..I am concerned if I take them to a safe shelter they will be to sleep.I have been trying for a year.I need help,PLEASE.I brought them in because they were starving and kept looking in the windows of my home.I felt so sorry for them I took all of them in. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT???????????

    • Kathleen. You are a good woman and I feel sorry for you and the cats. Let’s try and help. If you write a bit more about your cats and add some photos and tell us where you are in another comment, I’ll create a full-blown article and you may then get a visitor seeing your cats and offer to take one or two.

      So, please tell us some more and if you can add some pictures. Take care.

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