Saying Goodbye

This is a tribute to my Aristotle, I loved him deeply as I do all my pets. It is also about the importance of inoculating them to protect them which I do to all my beloved 4 legged family members. Close to a year now since Aristotle has been gone and I’m still sad.

Saying Goodbye

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Today I had to say goodbye,
So painful was for me
You fought so hard to stay
Beyond reality

I said you were a fighter
I saw it in your eyes
From the moment you were born
A tiny thing so spry

You donned me as your servant
Cat’s so funny that they are
Dogs they have a master
Grateful breeds they are by far

But my little angel
You were given to me
You fought to never go
You knew I needed thee

So as I sit upon the deck
And look up on that hill
Where you have been laid to rest
My tears they freely spill

You were such a fighter
You shocked them all they said
They said it was the love
So strongly that we had

They’d never seen a creature
With such a will to live
Beyond all expectation
You proved to them you did

So now my little angel
Never a moment suffer for me
I had to let you go
So that you could run free

I told you that I love you
As the medicine they did give
Our eyes looked at each other
Noses touching as you did
The last words I did tell you
Forever I love you take it with

Carolee Dennis-Woosley
May 5, 2012

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31 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. know how u feel as my beloved cat cassy passed on friday the 17th of 2014 she was not breathing well and neutrology her brain couldnt feel anything. So was so hard to make that deceison to put her to sleep. She must of been very ill as only took half of an injection and she was gone. Its been so traumatic and although i know shes in Rainbow heaven its hard as she was so special to me

  2. Carol oh no another tear jerker so beautiful I’m sure all of us can associate with your feelings after losing one of our family my most recent Benji 4 and a half years now and I still miss him 🙁

  3. This site is such a Blessing!,to Ruth and Michael, Thank you for your condolence ! As for my husband he will never be able to work or have the life we had before his injury, But our baby girl helped to give us both a reason to want to live .We found out she was a black Bombay, and went looking to see if could one similar to her. But 800.00 is way beyond our means . We are looking at shelters now as I cry, but if we should get a chance for one like her .meaning her love and the ways she had of making us feel we were hers than I will take her in a heart beat ! But Will never forget our special baby God Bless all


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