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  1. know how u feel as my beloved cat cassy passed on friday the 17th of 2014 she was not breathing well and neutrology her brain couldnt feel anything. So was so hard to make that deceison to put her to sleep. She must of been very ill as only took half of an injection and she was gone. Its been so traumatic and although i know shes in Rainbow heaven its hard as she was so special to me

  2. Carol oh no another tear jerker so beautiful I’m sure all of us can associate with your feelings after losing one of our family my most recent Benji 4 and a half years now and I still miss him πŸ™

  3. This site is such a Blessing!,to Ruth and Michael, Thank you for your condolence ! As for my husband he will never be able to work or have the life we had before his injury, But our baby girl helped to give us both a reason to want to live .We found out she was a black Bombay, and went looking to see if could one similar to her. But 800.00 is way beyond our means . We are looking at shelters now as I cry, but if we should get a chance for one like her .meaning her love and the ways she had of making us feel we were hers than I will take her in a heart beat ! But Will never forget our special baby God Bless all

  4. We just read your poem .I just had to put our baby girl to rest ,She was 15 yrs old. My husband is in bed due to pain from a neck injury, she was always laying on his legs when they hurt. She was our life ,and on Good Friday she was put to rest. She also is buried on hill up from our porch. I go out everyday to tell her how much she is missed and loved . She has .only been with God one month and 3 days. I will never forget her ,nor stop crying So I just wanted all of you know I feel your pain and loss. Thank you for sharing ,Your poem

    • So sorry Jeannie, one month and 3 days is very soon after your sad loss.
      I think you never get over losing a loved one whether human or pet, it’s just that with time you get used to them not being around.
      I still shed tears for all the cats we’ve loved and lost over 39 years.
      I hope your husband is better soon.
      Take care.
      R.I.P your baby girl X

  5. We all do the best we can and should never blame ourselves, we are all different. As I said before being with Aristotle at his last moments was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It will never leave my mind and I myself would never expect anyone else to do it…

    Yes Michael losing my Ari was like losing one of my children and yes they are bl**dy reliable! Cats that is…. πŸ˜‰

    Thank you Ruth we need more like you and everyone else here, I am such a compassionate and empathetic soul. I feed the wild creatures in my back yard too! Deer and such… you name it, they all trust me.

    Love and Light

  6. A beautiful poem Carol and it brought tears to my eyes remembering all the cats we’ve shared our lives with and loved over 39 years and how sad the parting always is.
    No matter how many cats we have each and every one is special and I treasure every moment with the 2 we have now who are both 11 years old.
    i was a vet nurse for many years but never ever got used to that very sad part of the job although if anyone couldn’t stay with their cat I would try to take their place holding and loving them for their last moments. The unwanted cats who had no one to love them too.
    R.I.P Aristotle and Binnie and all other cats everywhere who were loved or not loved on this earth.

  7. Blessings Rudolph, the best thing about our family members (pets) is they give us unconditional love… true unconditional love through all our attitudes, poor dress habits, bad breath (laughing) everything. They are our little angels sent from the heavens. I could say more, but all of us know. They are our blessings.

    Love and Light

  8. To me, my pets are my “Non-Human Children” and over the decades have lost a few of my pets and the sadness is akin to losing a family member.I buried all my pets which included two dogs(Blondie & Lucky), a cat(Trixie) and a rose-ringed parakeet(Mittoo-1) .At present i am living with two cats(Matahari & Matata) and a Alexandrine parakeet (Mittoo).An excellent poem Carol and every pet owner can identify and associate with your sorrow of losing your cat Aristotle.

    • Non-Human Children

      That is a nice phrase because it means you don’t treat your cats as children, which is obviously correct, but the connection and relationship you have with them is as strong as if they were your children.

      • yes michael,i still have bad days after losing felix about 2 years ago.sometimes i wonder if i could have done more for him.I also blame myself for not being right there next to him when his time was up and i had to have him euthinized because he could not even eat anymore.I just was not able to watch him take his last breath.I had to sit in the waiting room because i was crying uncontrolably.I just couln’t watch him being put down.

        • also blame myself for not being right there next to him when his time was up

          Don’t blame yourself. It is normal not to want to see your cat being killed albeit humanely and for a good reason.

  9. Thank you so much Kevin, they are our family precious members aren’t they. Thank you Michael for the information on the gravatar

    Love and Light

  10. carol,that is a great poem.it brought back memories of 2 cats that i have lost.I have my cats ashes and will keep them till it is my time to go so they can be burried with me.

  11. It’s very difficult Michael I know, believe me the tears were running down my face. We all have to deal in our own way, Aristotle was always with me, slept with me, followed me everywhere. I promised him I would never leave his side and I was with him until the life slipped away. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.

    Bless you

  12. When I re-read my poems I re-live the day I had to take him to the vet because he was suffering. His lungs started filling up with liquid as the leukemia overtook him. I rushed him to the vet so he wouldn’t suffer. I positioned myself at the end of the table on my knees with my arms around him. We were nose to nose eye to eye. I talked to him the entire time as she slowly put the medicine into his veins πŸ™ (getting to me) I told him I will love you forever and you can take that with you. Then I watched as slowly the life slipped away. I brought him him, laid him out so the others could see him before I buried him up on the hill with two of my others. Thank you for your comment Michael…

    Love and Light

    • When my second cat, Binnie, was euthanised at about 19 years of age (she had kidney failure), I could not remain in the consulting room while it happened.

      I went out to reception and cried my eyes out in agony. No one was there except the receptionist.

      The vet brought her out and I took her to a crematorium for an individual cremation and brought her ashes home to be with me for ever.

      Whenever I write about it and the death of Missie, I cry.

  13. Hi Carol. I really liked your poem. It made me think of my late lady cat and my first cat, Missie. All the memories of their passing came back to me and it was sad.

    You don’t know but I lost my first cat in 1994 and every bit of the whole process is still crystal clear, the sadness is undimmed and the memory of her is beautiful and painful.

    Thanks for sharing. I can feel the sadness you have for Aristotle. I am afraid it will stay with you.

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