SC cats abandoned and left to die: Officials won’t act because rent is paid until December 10

There’s an emergency situation taking place in Lancaster, South Carolina that has cat advocates very concerned. Cats have been abandoned in a home on Daystar Road and are slowly starving.

UPDATE: Six of the cats were taken by the cat’s owner to Lancaster County Animal Control. A rescue is needed to get them out and fosters or adopters are needed after that happens. Since they’re considered “owner surrenders” they may be killed for space at any time.

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The house was rented out for several years. The property owner recently received a report from the neighbors that no one had been at the home for over a month and the neighbors were concerned. The property owner later went to the rental home where it was discovered that the home was trashed badly and 18 cats were left in the house with no food or water.

There are no litterboxes and the cats or living in their own feces. Animal Control was called and said that because the renter has paid until December 10 there’s nothing they can do on their end. Animal Control recommended to the property owner that feeding of the cats. Because they are still considered their property until after December 10, the cats may not be allowed to be removed from the property without an official order.

Click here for a video taken of the cats in the home (Facebook video so it will be slow to load)..UPDATE: SORRY, video has been deleted at YouTube and is therefore non-functioning here.

The electricity is turned off so the cats are living with no heat, no water, and no food. Since cats are considered property, they can’t be removed from the home without going through the proper channels. Click here for the Lancaster County government website.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Why can’t food and water be provided until the time the cats can be removed from the home? Or an animal rescue or even Animal Control take over their care until something is decided.

I hesitated to write this article because I’d hate for the people to lose their cats if they planned to return. After learning the electricity had been turned off, this SCREAMS of animal abandonment and is a crime. Perhaps the police are trying to build a case. Perhaps they just don’t care…

I do believe if authorities wait until December 10 they’ll go into the home to remove more than a dozen dead cats who died a slow and agonizing death.


Lancaster County Animal Shelter
118 Kennel La., Lancaster SC 29720
803-286-8103 Fax: 803-286-7907
Email: animal@lancastercountysc

31 thoughts on “SC cats abandoned and left to die: Officials won’t act because rent is paid until December 10”

  1. Update for Wednesday night There were 16. 6 were adopted prior to the remaining 10 being taken to the shelter. 1 was adopted from the shelter, 9 are being fostered and one is loose in the shelter.

  2. Update on Tuesday night is 5 kittens are in foster care and will go to a Maryland rescue next week. Three adults will need forever homes. I’ll post more once I hear anything.

    • Don’t think that way Louise. We’d have had another Julianne Westberry with a bunch of dead cats. I doubt whether the owner of the cats would have returned had word not gotten out about the cats being abandoned.

  3. The landlord and her son are working hard to get the cats out so stop bashing them. They’ve contacted officials. You can be arrested if you enter and remove property.


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