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  1. Help I found this on my cat under is red skin I want to know what it is she got ringworm a couple weeks ago it’s gone now but this is new if you know please reply

    • Andrea, if your cat had ringworm a couple of weeks ago then this is probably ringworm. It is not red and inflamed. That would indicate to me that it is being resolved. I don’t know how you treated your cat’s ringworm if you did it at all.

      It can be hard to treat conventionally. And it tends to come back unless you treated conventionally and thoroughly.

      It doesn’t look too bad to me. I would tend to wait and watch and inspect other parts of your cat’s skin to see whether there are any other signs of ringworm.

      Obviously, I would recommend that you see a veterinarian because I am not a veterinarian. I take my information from the best reference books and personal experience as a layperson. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. I need help, my a few days ago this showed on my cats skin. Its on her side right behing her right front leg. Im a beginner at being cat mom and need amswers plese let me know if any of yall have amswers. email me at mabel.cordova2015@gmail.com.Thank you i will aprecciate it very much.

    • Sorry for the ridiculously late response. You have probably resolved the matter by now. I am not a veterinarian. This looks like ringworm. However, I have to recommend that you see a veterinarian about it if you are concerned. You might try treating it as ringworm as a diagnostic test. If it resolves and disappears after your treatment then you have confirmed that it is ringworm. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. My adult female cat has a big patch of black scabby stuff on her back near her left hind leg. Vet said it is there because she had a problem but doesn’t have it any longer. Gave her lyzine ointment. After months it mostly went away. It is back again. (Don’t trust the vet. Told me another cat had the sniffles and it was lung cancer.) I’ve looked online and don’t a picture of what it really looks like. No oozing, no red specks, no bumps. Doesn’t look like the pictures of milinary dermitis. Just big black crusty scab. Not crazy itchy. Have 2 other cats without the problem. All on flea control. Because of convic-19 vets have only been seeing emergencies in Ky.

    • Not sure. It is circular in shape. This points to ringworm which is not always itchy. Although ringworm forms a red scab. Is you cat otherwise healthy? Dermatitis? Allergy? Has ringworm been an issue before? Probably not as you would have said.

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