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Scandalous Situation Regarding Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t understand the premise here. But I wondered if my cat was being diagnosed so that they could charge me the 2-3 visits per month for check-ups which she now requires, the fee for the tubes and bags for under-the-skin hydration which she now requires, their $60 every 45 day supplements and the Royal Canin food which she now requires. My cat now will cost $7,000 a year to keep alive according to their requirements above.

  2. I remember from my vet nurse days kidney disease being the most common cause of illness in older cats, one vet told me it was because cats kidneys are so small and often shrink more with age. I don’t know if he was right or not.
    Kidney transplants for cats are possible now I think but the awful thought is that if it became a common procedure, unwanted healthy cats would lose their lives for the sake of cats whose owners could afford the expense a transplant would cost and maybe the recipient just have a bit longer to live.
    Cats lives are already too short in comparison with ours, but we have to make sure quality not quantity is the most important.

    • I sense, but have no proof, that kidney disease in the domestic cat is an environmental problem created by people and in purebred cats there is also a genetic inheritance problem through breeding programmes. The root of it could be people. Not sure though.

  3. Yes, dry food seems to be the culprit, together with lack of high quality protein, and inadequate water consumption..

    • We never feed our cats dried food now, and it’s easy to get meat from a butcher. Most have excess bones and stuff which they will happily sell if you ask. It’s not worth their time to fiddle about getting to all the tricky bits of meat, but your cats will love you for them.

  4. I totaly agree. This whole thing is a bloody scandal and I genuinely fear for my cats lives. I believe its those darn money whores at the big pet food companies who don’t want to change their ways, and the vets seem to be lobbied into position on the issue.

    The problem is dry food and convenience – exacerbated by lack or action or reaction from health proffessionals.


    • Yes, it is probably big business buying vets’ compliance and vets accepting kidney disease because they can treat it. Think of the bucks that roll in from millions of dying cats aged 10+ from cat caretakers desperate to save or prolong their lives. It’s probably a better money spinner than declawing. But then I am cynical but can anyone blame me?

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