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Scaredy Cat Postman Is Scared of the Cat — 15 Comments

    • He’s worse than that Eva 😉 But thanks for supporting the battle against him. God forbid but there are quite a lot of idiots like him on the planet.

  1. Postman_ 1-Cover hands with aluminum foil.
    2- carry a mist of water in a small bottle
    or 3_ drop a mirror attached by a string >which will scare it away in a hurry, just enough to deliver the mail thru the slot.

    NOTE To the Owners_-Your cat is very bored and upset about being left alone. Eva

  2. Good grief! Postman, get to know the cat (as well as any dog). Talk to her and let her have the envelopes. Better yet, give her some graffiti envelopes of her own first.

    • I like that idea: give her some graffiti envelopes…It is a bit bizarre this story. You’d have thought they’d have found a solution. Can’t be that hard. It has just come to me. They could have put a cage/basket on the inside of the letter box to catch the post and prevent the cat getting at it.

  3. Easy fix, any animal that harms a human should be put to sleep. Just as it is done for dogs or any other species of pet that harm humans, the very same is deserved for cats. Then afterward fine, convict, and sue the pet-owner, just as it is done for all other harmful pets.

    • Hi Woody, or who ever you are. Your comment is so idiotic as to laughable. What you are saying is that if a cat scratches a person because of stupid behavior by the person the cat should be killed. Idiotic or what? God you are stupid. And nasty. And…think of all the derogatory terms to describe idiots like you.

      Bye bye. You are banned again…. 😉

    • Let’s rephrase…
      “Easy fix. Any human (being an animal themselves!)who harms another animal should be put to sleep.”

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