Scarlet Blake’s crimes are a paradigm example of film causing violence?

A lot has been said in the news media about Scarlet Blake’s violent crimes against a cat and a man. The former was torture and killing and the latter was murder resulting in a 24-year prison sentence without parole and two and four-month prison sentences to run concurrently for the criminal damage and animal cruelty perpetrated towards the cat.

Is the Scarlet Blake crime story a paradigm case of film causing violence?
Is the Scarlet Blake crime story a paradigm case of film causing violence? The jury is out but it looks like it to me. Image: MikeB under license.
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Note: I have referred to Blake as a female. JK Rowling would object to that as she does not recognise her as female as she/he is transgender from male to female. My apologies to Rowling but I have to choose one sex or the other and I am going with female at this time.

A lot has also been said about the Netflix docuseries Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer. It documented the criminality of Luka Magnotta and how he was tracked down and successfully prosecuted and thereafter imprisoned in Canada for life.

There are parallels between Scarlett Blake’s crimes and those of Luka Magnotta. This begs the question as to whether the Netflix docuseries influenced Scarlet Blake’s criminal behaviour.

It is reported that she had an obsession with death and violence against a person and perhaps animals. She reportedly said that she wanted to be killed by her then transgender partner, Ashlynn Bell.

She wanted to please her partner which she says helped to motivate her to kill and torture the cat which she also claims she did against better instincts because she self-identified as a cat and had a microchip placed in her chest like a microchip cat.

But the question here in this post is whether the Netflix docuseries conclusively pushed Blake towards her extreme violence. It seems to me that she had this desire for violence and the Netflix docuseries catalysed it by which I mean it triggered the physical expression of an emotional desire.

It could be argued that the Scarlet Blake’s story is a paradigm case of how film can cause violence in people. But the truth is that the general viewpoint from scholarly articles is that there is no firm link between viewing violence and committing violence.

One study: Does viewing violent media really cause criminal violence? A methodological review, concluded that “the body of published, empirical evidence on this topic does not establish that viewing violent portrayals causes crime.”

And my research using artificial intelligence as an assistant (Poe) concludes that, “The relationship between films and violence is a complex and debated topic. While it is generally agreed that exposure to violent media can influence behavior to some extent, the extent to which films directly cause violence is still a matter of discussion among scholars and experts.”

The research has produced mixed results. Some research studies say the link is weak or inconclusive while others suggest a correlation between exposure to violent films and aggressive behaviour.

You would have thought, though, that by now, the scientists would have discovered more definitive conclusions about a link or not. And surely, the Scarlet Blake story indicates a link. It seems to me that scarlet Blake’s criminal behaviour is a mirror image of Luka Magnotta’s criminal behaviour with the murder of a human following the killing of a cat.

Luka Magnotta suffocated two kittens in a plastic bag and videoed his behaviour and uploaded the video to the Internet. Scarlet Blake did something worse actually in torturing and killing a randomly selected domestic cat which ended with her putting the body in a food blender. She live-streamed the killing. Similar behaviour. Perhaps she got the idea of putting the body in a food blender from a Chinese criminal who I have written about. You might like to read that: Xu Zhihui – Xu Mouhui – Jack Hot Strip – Jack Spicey Strip leads a gang torturing/killing street cats in China.

This Chinese criminal’s behaviour has been well documented on the Internet as well and it would seem to me that she’s been influenced by the Netflix docuseries and perhaps this Chinese individual. Her actions are so similar that it is hard to escape the conclusion that she was influenced.

The seeds of violence against a sentient being were in her mind and the seeds flowered into true violence by the metaphorical fertiliser of violent television and film.

If this is true what is being done about it? Nothing because society accepts it.

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