Scarlet Blake’s former partner in the US, Ashlynn Bell, should be investigated for aiding and abetting murder

NEWS AND OPINION: Scarlet Blake is all over the newspapers and has been for a little while because she committed that famous double act namely killing an animal first and then killing a human afterwards. It’s quite a common behaviour of murderers. They warm up with an animal killing – often a cat as they are convenient – and then they move on to the real thing; killing a person. The FBI are aware of this. But they underreport animal cruelty.

And it’s been alleged that Scarlet Blake was copying Luka Magnotta, the notorious Canadian porno star who suffocated two kittens and then killed a man and on both occasions videoing the process and uploading the video to the Internet.

Scarlet Blake police mugshot
Scarlet Blake police mugshot
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The Times reports that she played music, the New Order song True Faith, in the background when she killed the cat in a very cruel way, skinned it and then put the body in a blender. And at the time she said that she couldn’t wait to do the same thing with a person. She boasted about her actions to others and expressed “her desire to open up a person like her little cat friend”.

She has just been found guilty of murder; the murder of a man, Carreno, she befriended randomly after prowling the streets to find someone to kill.

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Did Ashlynn Bell aid and abet Scarlet Blake to kill a cat and murder a man?

But I can report that it seems to me, that her former partner who lives in America, Ashlynn Bell, could be charged and prosecuted for aiding and abetting i.e. assisting Blake to murder.

I come to this conclusion because she has said quite clearly that Bell “wanted her to kill someone after making her life-stream the killing of the cat”. The quote comes from The Times newspaper. Bell wanted her to kill someone. And it would also appear that Bell wanted her to kill the cat. Certainly, Blake wanted to please Bell.

Blake said about the cat killing that, “I wasn’t interested or willing. It was an awful thought to me [i.e. the killing of cat and live streaming it]”. She added that, “In the interest of keeping her [Ashlynn Bell] because I wanted her to kill me one day, because it sexually stimulating for me, that idea. She was wanting to make me do this thing and I was pretty much.. Well, as a limit after going through the killing of the cat.”

Blake indicates that he murderous action were hard for her to carry out but did them on the alleged encouragement of Bell.

It seems to me that Bell was aware of Blake’s troubled mind and her obsession with death and killing and played on it by allegedly making suggestions that were likely to be acted upon by Blake.

There, in Blake’s testimony, it all is. She is telling the court that she was encouraged to kill the cat and behave in a most abusive way towards the cat and then encouraged to kill a person. She did this to please her then partner.

Definition of aid and abet

To aid and abet means to assist someone in committing or to encourage someone to commit a crime. Generally, an aider and abettor is criminally liable to the same extent as the person committing the crime.

Cornell Law School

Arrest imminent?!

It hard to avoid the conclusion that Ashlynn Bell aided and abetted scarlet Blake in her horrendous crimes. So what is American law enforcement doing about it? Absolutely nothing. Nothing has been said about this. Nothing has been reported in the newspapers. There is no mention of it. Perhaps I’m the first person to raise the question. Perhaps I should because a describe myself as a freethinking animal advocate. This is my evidence 😉!


There has been some talk in the newspapers about Scarlet Blake being transgender, as I understand it, from male to female but this has not been well reported and it may be incorrect. But Blake did say that her arms were the arms of a weak female. I wonder, if this is true, whether the transgender process had any impact on her mental processes.

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