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Scary strange cat creatures found behind cupboard — 7 Comments

  1. I am in tears for these beautiful cats. Rescuing them was correct, but murdering them was not. How inhumane. It was a “local pastor” who killed them. Does this mean a religious pastor? This was in South Africa; was this person “superstitious?” I would think a pastor would be kind and loving to all creatures. There was no reason to commit this cruelty. Praying for these precious souls.

  2. I am so outraged and sickened that they were killed, words can’t express… Poor creatures. Yes, they look like or are related to the Oriental breed, but with extremely long tails. Wow. I’d love to make a find like that. Precious!

    • Your comment is so kind. Yes, it is sickening. I guess their behavior was based on ignorance. No need to kill them. The picture is extraordinary. Actually, I think the picture is probably misleading. When it happened I am sure these animals looked like skinny cats.

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