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Scary strange cat creatures found behind cupboard

What is this creature? Looks like a weird cat of some sort.

The creature looking at the camera and which is still alive looks like a cat but a very strange looking cat. The animal is incredibly slender and has very large ears and a relatively thick and long tail. The limbs are long and slender. They appear to be wet, young, black cats. Is this a hoax picture? It does not look like it but the creature is so strange that this could be an elaborate hoax. I think it is real and I think the cat is a case of extreme breeding of a slender cat breed such as the Oriental Shorthair.

They were found in a house behind a grocery cupboard in Lethabong, Rustenburg, South Africa. They were probably hiding there out out of fear. The family who found them called the local pastor who got them out with a grinding machine and then killled them except for two who have been taken by the SPCA away for tests.

Carla Van De Berg of the Rustenburg SPCA said the animals should not have been killed as it was an inhumane act. The family had panicked and done the wrong thing. Clearly she is correct. It was a typical human reaction but wrong. When people are scared of an animal they tend to kill it.

As two survived I’d expect to hear a follow up story soon. If not I’ll be very disappointed. What are these cat-like creatures? We need to know. The SPCA think they are cats of an unusual cat breed.

If that is so what cat breed? Well the Oriental Shorthair comes to mind as mentioned above. The Peterbald comes to mind too but this is a hairless or mainly hairless cat and the cats in the photo have hair but this may be due to poor breeding. Poor breeding or overbreeding may also account for the strange appearance.

There are cat breeds which are very skinny. If skinny cats with big ears are bred to extreme you might end up with this sort of weird cat-like creature. The style of the photo and the wet fur adds to the strange appearance.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • I am in tears for these beautiful cats. Rescuing them was correct, but murdering them was not. How inhumane. It was a "local pastor" who killed them. Does this mean a religious pastor? This was in South Africa; was this person "superstitious?" I would think a pastor would be kind and loving to all creatures. There was no reason to commit this cruelty. Praying for these precious souls.

  • I am so outraged and sickened that they were killed, words can't express... Poor creatures. Yes, they look like or are related to the Oriental breed, but with extremely long tails. Wow. I'd love to make a find like that. Precious!

    • Your comment is so kind. Yes, it is sickening. I guess their behavior was based on ignorance. No need to kill them. The picture is extraordinary. Actually, I think the picture is probably misleading. When it happened I am sure these animals looked like skinny cats.

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